February Tending List and January Recap

In case you missed my post earlier this year, here’s what I’m focusing on for my goals this year.
I promise I’ll share my last “G” of the year soon, but in the meantime I wanted to recap my January tending list and give a peak into February goals.

January Monthly Goals:
*Holiday Decor away, Baby Stuff Set Up: This is almost completely done. The holiday stuff was easy to tackle as we keep it fairly simple. The biggest baby stuff tasks were setting up the swing, nursing, and co-sleeper areas (no room for a nursery for this kid) and we got that covered! We have a little more work to do on just making our space feel less cluttered and claustrophobic with all this new stuff.
*Kitchen Clean/re-set for bottles and pump parts: Made progress but not there yet. We at least sterilized all our bottle and pump pieces… we just haven’t found a good place to routinely store/dry that stuff yet. Certain areas have been well cleaned and organized, but still need to declutter and reorganize a bit.
*Clean Out Office: MAJOR progress here- specifically with the office closet getting reorganized. Still a long way to go but have come to accept that this just isn’t happening before the baby comes.
*Record Bulk Trash Day, Get Bulk Trash out: Yes. Done and done.
*Celebrations Binder/Overview of 2020 Calendar: This is done for the first third of the year which is as much as I was willing to commit to for now.
*Plan/Celebrate My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday: YES! this was so great. We kept things simple and she had a great time without getting totally overwhelmed by too many people.
*Bulk Cook/Freezer Meals: Did not get as many freezer meals done as we’d hoped, but made a great start anyway. I think we feel less urgent about this since my husband gets a little more time off work than he has with our first two babies!
*Order baby stuff/Hospital Classes/Finish Baby Blanket: Check. Check. Check. It’s all getting VERY real!

My feet have basically disappeared at this point… hopefully this kid comes soon!

January Weekly Goals:
*Family Fridays: Three out of four weeks this happened and we loved it.
*Mini-Dates with Each Kid: Did a better job with my daughter than my son due to one on one time when he has school and she doesn’t, but made a good start establishing this routine which I think will be key when the baby arrives.
*Budget Check in and Family Meeting: Yes. This was an important month for this as we had a lot of random expenses and extra groceries needed for freezer meals, etc.
*Self Care: Did not do a great job with this one, but my husband helped me at least slow down and offered lots of foot rubs (a pregnant lady’s dream…)

January Daily Goals:
*Write the Word: Started strong and hit some rough spots toward the end of the month when I really stopped sleeping
*Morning Routine: Started strong and hit some rough spots toward the end of the month when I really stopped sleeping
*Hydrate: Hit and miss. But was glad to keep this at the forefront of my mind…

On to the weird month of February. Due the middle of this month, but who knows when the baby will come so it’s a bit of a weird one…

February Monthly Goals:
*HAVE A BABY!!!: The only thing that REALLY needs to happen this month and the thing I am both most excited and most nervous about… Ready to be done with this one and holding my baby!
*Final Baby Prep: Hopefully using these last weeks to prepare more freezer meals, clear more space, and try to feel as ready as possible for the next phase of life…
*Establish Nursing Routine: Once the baby is here, this becomes a top priority. I have had major nursing struggles in the past so I know I need to give myself time and support if I want to breastfeed again for any significant length of time.
*Final 2019 Scrapbook pages ordered/plan for 2020 scrapbook: I’d LOVE to get this done before the baby comes, but even if I don’t, it feels like a meaningful step I can accomplish even post partum.
*SLOW DOWN and REST: This is mainly to take care of myself, allow myself to heal postpartum, and help support my nursing routine…. but it is probably good advice for this last stretch of pregnancy too.
*Plan and possibly plant spring garden: This depends on timing of the baby coming, but we are planning to have a pretty different garden this spring if we can make the timing work (partially depends on weather forecasts, partially depends on if we have time to get it done…)

February Weekly Goals:
*Legacy Journals: I want to keep this up and set aside just a little time each week to write in the legacy journals I have set aside for each kid. It will be good alone time if nothing else!
*Baby Book/Family Scrapbook work: I still haven’t solidified what my scrapbooking plan is for 2020 (see the monthly goal above…) since Project Life has changed their business model a bit, but I’m hoping that whatever we decide, I’ll be able to keep up some basic memory keeping during these early days, because I know the memories slip by SO FAST with a newborn in the mix.
*1 on 1 time with each family member: Notice how I upgraded this weekly item from last month to include hubby… we’re going to need time with each other that isn’t just about getting things done and trouble shooting what’s next. Even if it’s just twenty minutes to unwind and talk (hopefully with a glass of something I haven’t enjoyed in 9 months!) I put a little reminder on this goal that even the small things add up- like lemonade dates with my 3 year old or letting my 5 year old stay up a little later to play a game with us… it doesn’t have to be big, it just needs to be consistent.

February Daily Goals:
*Hydrate: Always important for me, but will be even more important when nursing a newborn.
*Time Outside: This is the single best EASY thing I can do for my mental health each day. Whether this means a walk, reading on the back porch, or just stepping outside for a few minutes when I go to get the mail… it sounds like a ridiculously easy thing to add to the list, but I know that other times I’ve had a baby it was really easy to not see the light of day for a few days at a time…
*Coffee & Jesus: Mostly for later in the month… when I can have coffee again without feeling nauseated! I missed this!
*Gratitude/Attitude check: Just want to get after grateful in the midst of this prenatal anxiety and the sleepy early days of recovery.


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