My Final I for 2022…

Today I’m introducing my final I theme for the year… if you missed my other intro posts you can read about intention here, instrument here, and I AM (inimitable) HERE

My final I for the year is imagine. The last two years have been so filled with stress and the need to be constantly doing risk calculus and have back up plans to our back up plans that I fell into survival mode and deep practicality. I lost a bit of the out of the box creativity and imagination that I love about myself. That is something I want to find again and focus on this year.

I want to use my imagination to problem solve. I want to be inspired by my kids and play imaginatively with them, even as they get older and begin to have more structured activity. I want to get back to the imaginative pursuits that fill up my soul- part of that intersects with the instruments we’ll be learning this year, but it also includes writing and exploring different styles and genres of writing, in theatre (onstage and behind the scenes directing), and in creating and crafting with my hands. It even applies to meals and day to day things around the house.

Imagination is often belittled as childish or a luxury rather than a necessity. The time to daydream and quietly recharge our inner selves has to be protected because it is not as flashy to talk about, but not only is it important in and of itself, it can also be the foundation for so much more. Imagination is one of those core things that makes me shine brighter. When I am treating my inner artist well, my imagination can deepen my faith, help me see things from a new perspective that I need, and bring so much joy.

Don’t take my word for it, here are a few favorite Mr. Rogers quotes on imagination and creativity that I think sum up why this theme is important to me…

“I’ve often hesitated in beginning a project because I’ve thought, “It’ll never turn out to be even remotely like the good idea I have as I start.” I could “just” feel how good it could be. But I decided, for the present, I would create the best way I know how and accept the ambiguities.”

“Imagining something may be the first step in making it happen, but it takes real time and real efforts of real people to learn things, make things, turn thoughts into deeds or visions into inventions.”

“Our society is much more interested in information than wonder, in noise rather than silence…And I feel that we need a lot more wonder and a lot more silence in our lives”

Here’s hoping you get a little time today to spend engaging with your imagination.


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