2022 Wrap Up Part 1

I can’t believe it is time to wrap up the year already! I feel like these posts may be extra helpful this year as I definitely gained some new readers. I had 4 themes for 2022 and today I’m recapping my posts and sharing some thoughts on two of them: Imagination and Inimitable.

Imagination was something that I ended up writing about a lot less than I thought I would, but the theme of this word manifested in other ways. It helped guide what kind of family trips we took and how we spent the time we had with our kids. I wrote about why I chose the word HERE. I wrote about books I read in 2021 that helped spark my imagination and how imagination can be a double edged sword. As we got toward the end of the year, I realized I had kind of lost the thread on this theme and made sure to write about one of my favorite ways to spark my imaginationI also exercised my imagination in writing our first new Alphabet Shakespeare play in several years, which showed up on a few tending lists over this year.

Inimitable was an interesting theme that I explained HERE  but overall it dealt with what makes me unique and different. What makes this subject a bit hard to recap is that it so often coincided with the other two themes I’ll recap next week, but I’ll do my best to keep it separate from that here… I started this theme by writing about my own unique superpowers. Then I moved on to my unique journey to becoming an athlete and how I still personalize workouts because boundaries are sexy. I celebrated the personal milestone of 10 years married and our favorite, specific memories from that time. I also celebrated how inimitable each of my children are with an open letter to my oldest, middle, and youngest child. As I said, I actually wrote about this subject a lot more than what was listed here, but it coincides with some of what I’ll talk about in my second wrap up post next week!


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