A Letter to My Youngest as she starts Preschool

The second installment in my “I forgot to post birthday letters on time this year but at least I made notes about it in their birthday books” series… my youngest starts preschool this week and so I thought I would formalize and share her annual letter for the occasion just like I did with my middle kid when she started Kindergarten earlier this month.

My Sweet Not-So-Little-One,

Everyone still calls you “baby” even though you are two and a half now. You were our pandemic baby and as such you got to stay the baby just a little longer than your siblings. For all the things you missed out on during this hard, crazy time that marked the start of your life, I think that is one of the gifts. You have been allowed to do things on your own timeline, nursed much longer than your sister, and stayed in the crib longer than your siblings. You are such a snuggle bug and have had the benefit of a family who until now was mostly at home to cherish those snuggles instead of rushing back and forth to all the things.

There have obviously been some downsides of being our pandemic baby too. We sometimes didn’t notice that you were more grown up than we imagined. We kept you in your high chair way past when you were ready to transition. You are still wary of playing alongside new kids unless your siblings are there as backup. You are not a fan of large crowds even though you LOVE being social in small groups with your brother and sister and their friends.

unicorn beanbag covered in pink dry erase marker

sometimes you make some mischief…

You are basically inseparable from your sister and are so thrilled that she has moved into your room with you this summer instead of rooming with your brother. You have watched how much your siblings love drawing and are already obsessed with using crayons and markers right alongside them… (and sometimes you decide to draw on your own on things that definitely should not have been drawn on…) You love breakfast foods especially but are pretty happy eating anything that can make a huge mess as you always eat with gusto. You love books and are happy looking at them on your own or having anyone else read them to you. I love seeing you “read” them to your stuffed animals and crack yourself up while doing so. You miss the park and running around outside and just like your mama you can’t wait for this heat to be over so we can get back outside more of the day.

I am so interested to see how school with others, without your parents or siblings beside you, will bring out your personality. We are so excited to watch you grow and to explore more of the world. You are loud and silly and love building and climbing which I know will make you fit right in with your peers. Oh, and you are going to have a blast with all the singing your preschool does as music is another one of your favorite things. We are praying for a great school year with many fond memories.

Love you oh so much,



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