November Wrap Up and Final 2022 Tending List

Hi friends! This is kind of a special post because it may be my last tending list sharing for a while. I’ve been doing this kind of post once a month for years now and I’m not sure it’s serving me as well anymore. To be honest, I had a moment where I wondered if I wanted to quit personal blogging all together next year and only focus on once a month posts for Phoenix Moms, but instead I realized I need to shakes some things up and try something a little different first before jumping ship. More on that in an upcoming post, but in the meantime, here’s a recap of November and a peak at my final tending list of 2022…

Not sure how I skipped putting one of my favorite NYC weekend pictures into my recap, so throwing it in here… loved getting to meet the incredibly kind and inspiring Tommy Rivs

Finish the NYC Marathon!!!: YES YES YES! I am so ridiculously excited about accomplishing this goal. You can read my recap HERE if you haven’t already.
“Fall Clean”: Hit and miss here. Definite progress but time FLEW by in November after our NYC trip so I didn’t catch up quite as much as I’d like. AKA this is an ongoing goal.
Holiday Prep: This got a little rushed as we decided to take a family trip quasi-last minute right after Thanksgiving, but we are settling into the holiday feels now.
Catch up on ALL THE THINGS: HAHAHAHAHAHAH not. even. close. (See above about how November seemed to go at hyper speed. I am, if anything, more behind now than I was last month…)

Your Special Day: This happened in a scaled down way given all the travel and holiday excitement. The quality time was there though so I’m calling it a win.
Banjo x2 (post NYC): Utterly failed on this goal. It is what prompted me to write THIS post.
Bake (post NYC): YES! Made lots of yummy stuff an will continue this trend into December!
Budget Check In: It wasn’t pretty but it happened. Enough said.
Picture Organize/ Project Life work:
This did not work out. between how busy things were and also that our computer is still having issues, but we are set up for some success here post-Christmas!

Final Marathon Training (through 11/6!): See above- completed a marathon AND decided to say yes to keep going and register for a half marathon in 2023 to keep fundraising for World Vision, so already started on a new training plan after a few weeks of glorious rest and recovery.
Yoga: Not as consistent as I would like, but way better than during peak marathon training.
Morning Routine: HAHAHHAHAH will try again next month.
Evening Routine:HAHAHHAHAH will try again next month.
Journal: Happened a few times, which is more than it would have if it weren’t on my tending list.
Gratitude: The one thing I did without fail in November.

So it was a very packed but not necessarily productive month. And on to the final tending list of the year!

2023 Powersheets Prep: I am really excited and curious what I might discover during prep work this year. I am looking forward to taking some time by myself to reflect on this year and prepare for the next one. If you want to join me in using Powersheets to plan your goals for 2023 you can still buy yours before the new year HERE.
Have a Holiday Season Focused on the Memories: I don’t want the stress and the seemingly endless to-do list to rule this holiday season. I want to be memory focused. We made a strong start to this already by kicking off the holidays with a much delayed family vacation, but I want to keep it this way amid all the hurry that creeps in this time of year.
Faith Filled Advent: Similar to the above, I want faith to be the twin priority with family memories. I want to be sure we don’t rush through our Jesse Tree stories or Advent Wreath gatherings. I want to bring back a more regular prayer practice and leave time for reflection. I know how easy it is to have all that start slipping away if I don’t make it a priority.
Holiday House Re-set: Amid all the holiday memories and celebrating, I still want to simplify and re-set our house before the new year. What better time to donate clothes that no longer fit or toys that are no longer played with, etc.
Start Outdoor House Projects: It is the gorgeous outdoor season here and we have projects for our house we have wanted to do since last spring and for anything outdoor now is the time to jump on it. So even if we only get a few hours of work done in this crazy season, the point is I

Time to get back to the trails!

want to plan on getting a solid start so we have momentum to keep going and make some progress because before you know it the heat will return!
Begin Bootleg 100: Although I’ve signed up for another road race, I really want time on the trails and this program focuses on 100 miles of hiking or trail running in 100 days. It started December 1 and goes through the early new year and I’m looking forward to enjoying the trail time!

Budget Check In/Family Meeting: More important this month than almost any other with so many random, one off activities happening in December.
Your Special Day: So easy for that 1 on 1 time to slip through the cracks in the holiday chaos and I know how important it is for each kid.
Holiday Baking: YES YES YES! Lots planned for this.
Inbox 0 work: I can’t even begin to tell you what a mess all my email accounts are right now and how badly I need to work on this.
Picture Sort & Backup: This is going to be backloaded this month but I am going to finally have some progress again.
Project Life Catch Up: I want to finish our family yearbook for the year right on time instead of starting 2023 playing catch up. A bit of a challenge with all the big holidays and trips that happen right at the end of the year, but I’m up for the challenge!

Advent Activities: We have daily activities during advent including our Jesse tree stories and ornaments, our Christmas book Advent “calendar” (it is more of a countdown/nightly ritual than a calendar of any sort), and our nightly singing of O Come O Come Emmanuel.
1/2 Marathon Training: Training time is back already! I’ve got the plan, I just have to make it happen as best I can.
Morning Routine: It has to go better than last month, right?!
Evening Routine: It has to go better than last month, right?!
Yoga: Looking for shorter but more consistent sessions in this month.
Hydrate: My hydration realllllly starts slipping this time of year when the heat isn’t a constant reminder to reach for my water and the all day coffee starts becoming a habit again.


Hope you have a very happy end to 2022. Wrap up posts coming soon as well as some thoughts on what might be next…


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