Baking #7: 42 projects in 52 weeks

***Originally posted 2/16/15***

So this post has been delayed.. a few times. First because i thought I was going to write it on making homemade pizza with my family on Friday, but my mom was super prepared and pre-made the dough so I felt like that was cheating. We make this often enough so i will post about it when I can really do it from scratch. Consider these pictures a sneak peek:


Then it was delayed again due to Valentines day and while I finally wrote it yesterday, I didn’t get around to importing pictures and publishing until today because we had such a busy Sunday, so just pretend like you are reading this then, because I don’t want to go back and change all the tenses. Here you go:

Definitely an AZ girl!

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, but it was also something even closer to my heart than candy and cards- it was Arizona’s birthday. My state… is crazy town sometimes, but I love it. I love the mountains and the sunsets and I especially love that you can’t shovel sunshine and that we can use the BBQ on Christmas Day.

I also love that citrus is plentiful, son instead of baking chocolate covered something or other, I decided to try my hand at lemon squares. I have always loved tart flavors, but my obsession with lemon reached new heights when I became pregnant with my son. Lemon was my number one craving (I’m sure it helped that the scent of lemon is supposed to calm nausea!)

This was taken after my baby shower (which had plenty of lemon flavored deliciousness!) when I was 32.5 weeks pregnant. I wanted to remember my crazy lemon cravings…

The lemon bars did not go quite according to plan, first because I did not have the right size pan the recipe called for, but more importantly because I was so distracted trying to bake while entertaining the baby that I didn’t even check to make sure I had all the ingredients for the lemon squares… so I had to scrap the first batch of crust halfway through the baking process because I ran out of eggs!

Round two turned out much better. We lost some topping through our makeshift tin foil shaping to make the pan the right size, but not too much, and once we allowed the bars to set for a few hours they looked great and tasted even better!!

Powdered sugar- they key to finishing lemon bars…

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