Baking #8: King’s Cake Pancakes

***Originally posted 2/17/15. Only one more repeat post after this one if you are signed up for updates and were signed up before as well, just bare with me for one last post after this 🙂 ***


You may or may not know that one of the items on my bucket list is to celebrate Mardis Gras in New Orleans. It’s funny because most events with crowds that big don’t appeal to me, but the music, the atmosphere, the colors, I think I would love it!

Although I also think the smells of gumbo and other spicy, delicious NOLA meals would make me wish I wasn’t pescetarian. However, one of the non-meat filled traditional meals would be a King Cake- which would be way too big for my family to try and eat on our own so I had to scale that idea down.

Luckily, I also grew up with the tradition of Shrove Tuesday- it’s basically another way to celebrate Fat Tuesday centering around pancakes. Pancakes are the perfect pre-lent meal because they are made with sugar, butter, syrup- all sorts of sweet and fattening things you are supposed to abstain from during Lent. Pancakes were a great way to get those ingredients out of the house to avoid temptation. Shrove Tuesday also holds a special place in my heart because as an early modern scholar I get extra joy out of ringing the pancake bell.


My inspiration for these pancakes came from this blog. I tweaked the recipe though, especially because after those biscuits I made a while back that I didn’t like, I was dead set against using bisquick as part of the recipe. So I pulled from a few pancake recipes to create the basic pancake batter (I got creative since I didn’t have buttermilk). Basically you start with your regular pancake recipe (or mix if you so desire) and split the batter into three different bowls, using food coloring to create those fabulous Mardis Gras shades

Be careful not to overcook the pancakes or the brown will overtake the color inside. Then stack them in alternating colors and pour over the glaze listed in the blog I linked to (basically powdered sugar, lemon juice, and water) and add some sprinkles to finish the look! I didn’t have any purple sprinkles so I subbed in red 🙂

Dessert for Breakfast and Breakfast for Dinner is what Shrove Tuesday is all about!!

These were fun and easy to make and my son loved both eating the pancakes and seeing the colors. Also, the lemony glaze was perfection. I will definitely use that on pancakes instead of syrup sometimes!

Since hubby works early mornings, I am saving him some for after he gets home and we will probably mix up some red velvet pancakes too. One of these years I’m going to have to throw a pancake party… you know, just to hold me over until I can get to New Orleans…


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