Baking #24: High Tea and Scones

high tea

This was the magnificent spread of our high tea in London… obsessed!

I few weeks ago, I was invited over by a dear friend for a playmate and tea time. It was FABULOUS. She had these incredible “southern style” scones to go with it- more like biscuits actually and my son and I couldn’t stop eating them. Absolutely heavenly and I need to get that recipe! But in the days that followed I started missing London and more traditional scones. I went to London as a summer study abroad program when I was studying at Pepperdine and while there I got to go to high tea with one of my best friends. Hands down one of my top 10 favorite travel memories. Continue reading

Baking #7: 42 projects in 52 weeks

***Originally posted 2/16/15***

So this post has been delayed.. a few times. First because i thought I was going to write it on making homemade pizza with my family on Friday, but my mom was super prepared and pre-made the dough so I felt like that was cheating. We make this often enough so i will post about it when I can really do it from scratch. Consider these pictures a sneak peek:


Then it was delayed again due to Valentines day and while I finally wrote it yesterday, I didn’t get around to importing pictures and publishing until today because we had such a busy Sunday, so just pretend like you are reading this then, because I don’t want to go back and change all the tenses. Here you go:

Definitely an AZ girl!

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, but it was also something even closer to my heart than candy and cards- it was Arizona’s birthday. My state… is crazy town sometimes, but I love it. I love the mountains and the sunsets and I especially love that you can’t shovel sunshine and that we can use the BBQ on Christmas Day. Continue reading