Red Wine Hot Chocolate

My husband and I wanted to make sure to try out this recipe before the cold days vanished as they so quickly do here in Phoenix… and since we had a bottle of wine he’d gotten me for Mother’s Day that I never got to enjoy since I found out I was pregnant shortly thereafter, this seemed like a great use for the bottle! Continue reading

Baking #34: North Carolina Salty Sweet Pie

I considered calling this recipe Hipster Pie because I heard about it on NPR and because it uses simple ingredients but in strange ways and is apparently very traditional but just gaining popularity, but decided I would stick with a more generally descriptive name… Continue reading

Baking #11 Easy as Pie? That saying LIES. (42 Projects in 52 Weeks)

OK, let me start by saying that this week I had my first epic fail. Failure on so many levels. And I’m not sure I learned enough to counterbalance the failures to make myself feel good about the project as a whole. Let me follow up by explaining my title- making a pie is a freaking difficult task! Continue reading