Exploring Nature Right in the City…

When I chose the theme of exploring for this year, I thought about how my son is at the magical age where everything is exploration. His favorite thing is to run around outside and find bugs or weeds he thinks are special plants to gift me or to find new sprouts in our garden that weren’t there the day before. Continue reading


Cooking #7: Not all combinations are good…

So… I am a little obsessed with avocado. It is a major component in some of my favorite things: sushi rolls, guacamole, fancy salads… I will even go for straight up avocado on its own or even stuffed avocado which is FABULOUS and something I may have to post about in the future. Continue reading

Baking #11 Easy as Pie? That saying LIES. (42 Projects in 52 Weeks)

OK, let me start by saying that this week I had my first epic fail. Failure on so many levels. And I’m not sure I learned enough to counterbalance the failures to make myself feel good about the project as a whole. Let me follow up by explaining my title- making a pie is a freaking difficult task! Continue reading