Cooking #7: Not all combinations are good…

So… I am a little obsessed with avocado. It is a major component in some of my favorite things: sushi rolls, guacamole, fancy salads… I will even go for straight up avocado on its own or even stuffed avocado which is FABULOUS and something I may have to post about in the future. Continue reading


Baking #29: Tortillas + Giveaway winner

OK, so this is another project that you don’t technically bake, but it’s main ingredients are flour, oil, and baking soda (and by main I mean those are literally half of the ingredients… the others being water and salt.) so I’m counting it. I have wanted to make homemade tortillas for a while now. We love Mexican food in our family (we love any food that lends itself to intense spice) so we knew this would go over well. Continue reading