Baking # 23: Belated Father’s Day Treat

So obviously there was no baking post last week because between tech and the show and trying to rewrite scripts and prepare for callbacks nothing but the absolutely necessary happened. image1I even wrote in my planner as my goals for the week: “survive, try to thrive, keep your kid alive” as my only three things “to do” because I knew anything else was a long shot. So I am trying not to have a bit of a wonder woman complex about playing catch up. Since I missed thing like cooking or eating at home last week, I wanted to start this week on the right note. I knew I wanted to make a special pasta dish for dinner for my husband because we were running around so much yesterday we didn’t have much of a chance to sit and celebrate the fact that he’s an awesome father and I didn’t get a chance to do anything super special aside from making him a card with the adorable picture featured above. (Also, I baked a cake on Father’s Day for my dad and hated the way it turned out so couldn’t bring myself to blog about it. But just so we’re staying honest about how sometimes my baking ventures are NOT successes!) Anyway, I decided that I would do a baking project to go with that meal- homemade garlic cheesy bread. Hands down one of our favorite things to order if we go out to an Italian restaurant. I’m so glad I married a man who likes spices and strong flavors the way I do. It’s not so bad if you BOTH have garlic breath and want to kiss each other! I used goggle to find this recipe and used it to motivate myself to meal plan and go grocery shopping for the week. My son helped me with this project and luckily he is starting to love the sound of the Kitchen Aid.


The bags under my eyes are no joke, but she smiles are 100% genuine and in the end I guess the happy is worth the tired.


The Lazy Girl’s Guide to baking…

This recipeĀ required a few hours of time for the dough to rise so I usedĀ that time to play catch up around the house and get a handle on my schedule for the next 2 weeks. I was also too lazy to put the dough in another bowl so I just let it rise in the kitchen aid bowl after oiling the sides. Oh, and speaking of lazy, I didn’t realize I was so close to running out of flour when i started this project so i had to substitute in some wheat flour. I figured with all the butter and garlic it wouldn’t make TOO much of a difference. Amidst getting laundry started and playing catch up, I used the time when the bread was rising to roast a head of garlic for the topping.


I baked them at half the size the recipe recommended so they could be easily handled by my toddler. Hence why they look more like biscuits than breadsticks.

The roasted garlic smelled amazing and then adding the butter and cheese just made it even better. I served this alongside some shrimp scampi which also smelled amazing and lit some candles just as hubby was walking in the door. The wheat flour made the breadsticks a little less pretty than they might have been otherwise, but they tasted perfectly delicious. My husband loved them and my baby was crying for more. Next time, i’m going to add even more garlic and I’m going to try it out with white flour only. Here’s to getting back into the swing of things!


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