Fall In LOVE: with BOOKS

So… aside from this first paragraph, I wrote this post on Thursday… but then the news of yet another mass shooting happened and I was distracted and then too depressed to post. It grieves me that we would rather enact new routines for students to prepare for shooters, to make this the norm, than to try and regulate guns in any way. I have enough worries about sending my child to school one day and wondering if he will get an adequate education. I shouldn’t have to worry about his safety being compromised because any crazy can go get a gun. Please, PLEASE research and add your voice to the changes that need to happen on this issue. It has certainly been weighing heavy on my heart and I feel like I would be remiss to post this without addressing this crossroads our nation is at (and honestly should have been at years ago. I remember when Sandy Hook happened I called my husband crying telling him I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to have kids anymore… we didn’t let fear keep us from doing that but we also hope that you won’t let fear of swinging to the other extreme on firearms keep you from working towards reasonable gun control and licensing laws.)

It’s been a hectic summer but October is here and I am ready for fall. This is my favorite season. Aside from the flavors I already mentioned that I love, I also love the weather cooling down, more outdoor activities becoming available to us AZ residents, the anticipation of the holiday season, and so much more. It’s also the time I associate with falling in love.


FALL in love!!!!


Photo by Katherine Miles Jones Photography

Speaking of love, this month’s theme is BOOKS, something I have loved since I can remember. I’m so glad that my parents read to me as a child and I love reading to my own child now. It’s a good thing too because most of my reading time these days is spent reading board books to my little guy, so expect a few posts about books that are good for babies/toddlers but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll talk about personal favorite books too!

As mentioned last post, I still have some other drafts to finish and get up, including a baking post I started a week ago which I will hopefully post tomorrow!

Hope you all are enjoying your October. I’m looking forward to pulling myself back together and falling in love all over again.


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