Baking #35: Apple Cider Donuts

It’s still 100 degrees here, but at least fall has deliciously established itself in my kitchen. IMG_7835This week I decided to try something new and break in my donut pan. I made apple cider donuts and I based my recipe off this one with a few little tweaks.

Having never made donuts before, there was definitely some experimentation involved. I found that the dough rose a surprising amount for something with no yeast, but the more I filled the pan the better the texture and look of the donuts. Round two FAR surpassed round one. I was a little worried about dunking the donuts in the cinnamon sugar and that I would ruin the delicious cake bites by making them too sweet, but the tang of the cider balanced out the sweetness.


coating the donut in cinnamon sugar and butter… It’s almost like cheating at deliciousness…

I have to admit, I prefer fried donuts to baked but I can’t complain, these were still pretty good and I’m way too nervous to try to make fried donuts- plus I don’t think I could stop myself at just one fried donut which would not end well…

I had a blast sharing these with my actors and stage management team at The Taming that night- don’t worry, a bardolatry update on The Taming is coming up soon so you’ll be hearing more about all that. In the meantime, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the finished project as well so I’m calling this one a success, though probably not a recipe I’d make more than 1-2 times a year.

IMG_7844  IMG_7845

IMG_7836 Can you believe we’re halfway through October? I’m trying to decide what fall flavor to dive into next before the holidays come and peppermint and gingerbread start calling my name! What’s your favorite fall flavor? 7 projects to go until I hit my goal!


Nothing goes better with apple cider donuts than apple cider… I highly recommend warming it in a crock pot! Maybe adding a little caramel and whipped cream if you are looking for a sugar coma…


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