Basics: Food, Drink, Shelter

My toddler has been going through a sleep regression. And it’s tech. So up late, up early- coffee has been my most basic day to day survival and parenting tool. I know this is normal, and it’s not my son’s fault that he’s going through a rough transition of milestones and teething and the weather changing, so taking sips of coffee before I say what I’d like to impulsively helps all of our quality of life stats.

I’m thankful that my husband is great about setting the coffee pot before he goes to work so that it is usually full of hot fresh coffee when I wake up. I’m thankful that even when I’m in a crappy mood or feeling overwhelmed with finances and what comes next and life in general, I have enough money for coffee in the morning, food at every meal, and a roof over my head- now a more permanent roof than before!

And so that’s part of what I want to get back to taking care of and focusing on as the month progresses- I want to get back to enjoying my morning cup of coffee while I read books to my son- even if that happens at 5:15am instead of 6:30 like I wish it would. I want to unpack from our move and organize our house and start dreaming of how we want to add more personal touches to make it more like a home, how to let go of what we don’t need, and how we envision living in it in the future. I want to get back to using thoughtfulness with what I eat instead of rushing around and grabbing whatever is easiest and at hand. I am looking forward to trying new recipes, to holiday baking, to at home date nights that include outdoor picnics and candle lit dinners.

But tonight I was reminded there are things even more basic than that: my little family has the best time without fail when we just hold on to each other and let go of our lofty goals and even my cherished to do lists. Tonight we lay on my son’s floor looking up at the changing stars from his Twilight Turtle and giggled and sand and played games with him for an hour before bed time and it was the happiest all three of us could possibly be. I’m so grateful for these most basic of things in life: laughter and love!


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