Baking #39: Chai Loaf

Continuing my fall flavor obsession- this chai loaf is something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out because once again I was missing a few key ingredients so I made a few substitutions.

FullSizeRenderI started with this recipe  but substituted pumpkin pie spice for cardamom. I also ended up using equal parts tea and milk for the glaze because I wanted a stronger tea flavor. And I used vanilla chai as my tea base instead of regular chai.

IMG_8364The batter smelled amazing but I was a little worried because it was a bit thick and  the recipe mentioned that many loaves baked in metal pans were coming out flat but I didn’t need to worry because the loaf came out gorgeous. It looked pretty good before the glaze but after adding the glaze it had a golden shimmer that my phone couldn’t quite capture in the pictures. So basically it looked great and tasted better. The hardest part was waiting two hours for the loaf to cool and the glaze to seep in.


No wait, the hardest part was not DEVOURING the entire loaf in one sitting. We will definitely make this recipe again. But BEWARE of sugar high. This was my toddler shortly after eating a generous piece:


Don’t worry, no children or superheroes were harmed in the making or eating of this loaf…

Hope you all are having a marvelous week and staying warm!! Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? I’m brainstorming fall flavors for these final November days before we jump into peppermint and gingerbread central… which recipes are your favorites?




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