Basics: Health

It has been a struggle throughout this year (hahahaha not just this year) to take care of myself. I am used to self-care falling last on the list and since becoming a mom the struggle is more real than ever. I wrote a bit about self care already, but doing so many shows in a row over the summer definitely left me eating out a ton and stopping my yoga practice as well as other basic healthy living practices.

IMG_8352Now that we are getting back to basics, we are trying to recapture our healthy lifestyle. This weekend we ordered a bountiful basket to make some creative new healthy dishes and we participated in a 5k that reminded me how sore I am and how I need to up my cardio work! I have not been sleeping very well and most of it is do to unhealthy choices. I want to treat myself well so I can take better care of my family.


more time for smiles and exercise please!

As my husband and I begin to look at next year and what we plan to be involved with and focus on, what becomes clear is that we can’t book ourselves as tightly as we did this year. It has been a rich, busy, fulfilling year filled with great things. However, it has not felt great to not be able to make time to see friends or help people out or visit our family much. Not to mention free time for ourselves to take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health.


At the farmer’s market where we are loving trying new fresh food each week. Bonus: wearing your child can be a great everyday workout!

It may seem funny to start thinking about health during the time that is traditionally the least healthy time of the year, but there’s no better time than now. It’s never going to get easier and it will only get busier again. Even without many obligations left for shows this year, we’ve found that we have already begun to fill all that time with holiday activities and trying to catch up with friends we’ve barely had time to speak to the last six months!

This blog has been great for me this year and I plan to keep it going next year. I’m beginning to brainstorm my focuses for next year as well so I can reveal those during December and be ready to jump in again in January.

But in the meantime, we are trying to reincorporate daily family walks or hikes, taking vitamins daily, and cooking balanced meals at homes. What are your basic strategies for a healthy life?


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