Happy August! Adjusting goals after my social media fast…

After a month of no new posts and only checking in more or less once a week on comments and social media sites, I am so excited to get back to blogging and to be more intentional about my time online and on my phone. I have a post I’ve been waiting months to share that will go live later this week, so keep an eye out, but in the meantime I’m ready to recap a bit of last month and talk about some new goals and focuses for this month: Continue reading


Here’s what’s been most Consistent this month…

February has always been a bit of a rough month in spite of its fewer days… My timehop and on this day entries seem to witness some passionate celebrations of love and friendship in the midst of a lot of struggle- February is a cold miserable time back east (well, it is for those like me who hate the cold) Continue reading

Self Care for the New Mama (and anyone else who may need it!)

***Originally Posted 2/11/15. Sorry if this gets emailed to you as a duplicate. Only 3 more repeat posts after this and I’m all caught up for new blogging!***

There are plenty of times as a new mama when I do not feel my most beautiful. Naively, I once thought that the amount of TV shows or films that portray parents being spit up on or other bodily fluids getting on them from their baby was grossly exaggerating and that if I was very careful then I could avoid that fate in real life. Turns out, the only thing that’s exaggerated is the parental reaction… because if you have a baby with any sort of reflux or digestive problems, then after a while, you just accept the giant amount of spit up in your hair or down your shirt.

For those HIMYM fans out there… that “confetti” moment is no joke…

I also swore up and down when I was pregnant that I would never be that mom who forgot to take a shower. And that brilliant plan worked great the first four months when my husband was working the night shift and was home mornings to watch the baby while I did my normal morning routine, but now that he leaves the house at 5:30AM and little guy is still getting up around 5:15AM… (which does not mix well with directing until 10 or 11pm…) there are definitely days where I just resign myself to try again tomorrow. Continue reading

Begin: Healthier Living

***Originally posted 1/22/15***

So, I know I brag about him a lot but… my husband is pretty awesome at giving Christmas gifts. He likes to give me gifts that are all in one theme- it’s his way of giving something intangible in a tangible way. As Tom Stoppard might put it, he has a talent for the “poetry of practical gesture” and it’s one of the things I love about him! Our first year together, we were living in Virginia and, being a Phoenician through and through, I was woefully unprepared for winter. He gave me the gift of Warmth that year. He had already given me an electric heater and he added to that a wonderful winter coat and a pair of cozy and beautiful boots

That’s me… next to a pile of snow TALLER than my 5’2” self….

Sporting my warm winter coat and boots in DC with a classmate (husband not pictured)

(OK, I picked out the boots) and he also got me some of those instant hand warmer packs.

When I was pregnant last Christmas, he gave me the gift of Comfort: Continue reading