C is for Cooking, that’s good enough for me…

Yes! Cooking is my 42 projects in 52 weeks goal this year. I am excited to have a little more motivation to plow through some of the hundreds of recipes I have pinned.

I am definitely going to give myself some grace with this task. I may take some help from my husband who is a much more talented cook than I (he is really good at improving in the kitchen and making recipes better. I like following rules whenever possible- probably part of why I like baking so much.)


You can just imagine this is me… Trying not to consume everything I baked this year…

I am excited about this because while my baking projects were great, they were also dense and often far from healthy. I plan on a few decadent cooking projects as well, but for the most part I hope to explore some healthy meal options. I am also excited because if this gets overwhelming I can try something as small and quick as a new dressing or sauce and I’ll be happy.


The other reason this is a great project for next year is that baking got expensive sometimes. Sure, flour and yeast was cheap, especially buying in bulk and I will continue to make homemade bread, but that much butter and sugar and vanilla gets expensive! I’m hoping that trying a variety of recipes this year can give me a good base of recipes that we can plan for in years to come so we can cut our grocery expensives and also our time we spend meal planning! So lots of work in 2016 that will be used for years of benefits.

Any of you have any well loved healthy pescetarian/vegetarian friendly recipes that are budget friendly too? Looking forward to this new goal.


3 thoughts on “C is for Cooking, that’s good enough for me…

  1. bwfarmhouse says:

    Love this project! And I laughed at your descriptions about you and your husband in the kitchen – that describes me and my husband to a T! He’s the “Let’s experiment!” and I’m the “Always follow the recipe!” Hah!


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