Here’s another C for you…

I’m going to be honest… although I have less to do now that our shows for the year are over, I have been feeling antsy and stressed. Part of it is they typical “post show depression” I tend to suffer whenever I come off of doing an artistic project. But it seemed worse than that. I’ve started feeling better since adding exercise back into my life on a regular basis, but I was still feeling like I wasn’t accomplishing things from day to day no matter how hard I tried. Then my brilliant husband pointed out what might be the problem.

He noticed that the one night I felt accomplished and particularly happy was the night I worked on a craft both of my own and for a Christmas gift. I told him he was right and he has been encouraging me since then to craft more. I thought about making crafting a word for 2016, or even challenging myself to try a certain number of crafts (and getting better at crafting because I am definitely hit and miss on that front- some projects turn out great and some are huge fails), but I have decided on a theme that is a little bigger:



I did a lot of crafting for my wedding with a lot of help from friends who are more talented than I at this kind of stuff…


CREATE. This word encompasses crafting, but it also speaks to the creative work I do as a performing artist and writer. I love creating something tangible, (even if that tangible product is liminal like theatre). The word create also has a vocational/religious connotation for me because I think of God as the ultimate creator and so we are all creators by virtue of being made in His image.

So I hope in 2016 I will create:
*Create Craft projects
*Create useful items
*Create memories
*Create a welcoming environment in my home
*Create art
*Create change
*Create happiness by DOING instead of thinking about doing. (The Shakespeare quote “Joy’s soul lies in the doing” comes to mind…)

I can’t wait to share 2016’s creations.


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