Blast from the Past

This is a post I started drafting just after our big trip last month. Since then it has been quite delayed due to mourning my grandma and then having our whole family get sick with the cold/sinus infection that just won’t quit! We’ve been exhausted and are still not quite back to normal but slowly trying to get there. Today is my grandma’s memorial and I debated waiting to finish this post until that and father’s day was over this weekend, but I feel like there’s always a reason to put it off until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow so may as well start today, right? So let’s get started:
Since my last post on chronicling I have done a TON of work in this area. Continue reading


Here’s another C for you…

I’m going to be honest… although I have less to do now that our shows for the year are over, I have been feeling antsy and stressed. Part of it is they typical “post show depression” I tend to suffer whenever I come off of doing an artistic project. But it seemed worse than that. I’ve started feeling better since adding exercise back into my life on a regular basis, but I was still feeling like I wasn’t accomplishing things from day to day no matter how hard I tried. Then my brilliant husband pointed out what might be the problem. Continue reading