Nostalgia, or, my life is awesome

So… I have been working on various ways of chronicling this month. I am in the process of creating a Shutterfly book (because really you can’t beat free and I have a free one about to expire), keeping up with the Project Life app to document the day to day of this year, and I just started a physical project life kit to catch up on scrapbooking photos from our belated honeymoon we took to Italy a few years ago.

I have also ordered a bunch of the  Project Life App pages I made to finish up last year’s album I started in the summer. I have to admit, I love that I can put in a picture or two a day or make a whole page for a special event and then tweak it on my phone when I have time waiting in line somewhere or when my husband is driving us somewhere so I get the joy of being a passenger and snagging a few minutes to do whatever I want. (This happened more this fall when everything was chaos. You know you’re maybe too busy when your best chunk of free time is commuting…)

This has been SO GREAT because if I waited until I actually had time to print and sort pictures and sit down and put them all together… odds are good I wouldn’t even have had time to start until November or December and odds are even better that I would have forgotten the little day to day moments and memories I wanted to add. I was debating  making my son his own album each year (last year’s definitely focused on HIM with this in mind…) But I have since changed my mind and decided that if I only have time to create on book a year, I am going to make it a “family one” that includes the variety of 1781988_10100128278460816_817456823_ncrazy things my husband and I do. I have chosen this because I want my kid to know that we were all in this together. He was a part of our world but not our whole world. I want any future kids and grand kids to know that same. Because you know what? We do some pretty fun/awesome things. And I want my future self to remember that too! For those periods of life when things need to calm down and buckle down, I want to remember the outrageous, beautiful, or even perfectly ordinary events we were involved with. So that’s what I’ve started doing this January with the app and then little by little I hope to work on “catch up” projects of all the adventures my husband and I have had in our time together before we became parents, and maybe even some day adventures we had before we met.

1909799_511026347026_1831_nAs I started thinking about all this, I began thinking about how many cool things I have had the opportunities to do (*STARTING THEATRE COMPANIES- WHAT?!* All the bridesmaiding, etc) or even just and places I’ve been able to live or visit:

It makes me almost painfully nostalgic to look back on 1928983_505160996236_4939_nthese pictures sometimes, but I want to share these experiences in a meaningful way and not keep them all boxed up in an unorganized hodgepodge! I don’t really have a good conclusion for this post because this is still such a huge work in progress, but the only thing that keeps coming to mind is a favorite Tennyson quote:

I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough
Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
For ever and for ever when I move.


I need to scrapbook this so my grandkids don’t mistakenly think I was in a strange rockabilly/folk band when they find this picture…


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