Year End Wrap Up: Chronicling

If I were to pick one category where I was most successful this year, it would have to be chronicling. This is where daily and weekly habits came together with  big extra pushes throughout the year to make  some serious progress. Continue reading


The Courage to Share

While I have always loved crafting as a relaxing activity, a means of keeping my hands busy and getting into my body and out of living completely in my head, it has recently become something more than that. Continue reading

Why I’m Sending Social Media to the Corner this Summer…

I’ve written before and I am sure I will write again about my continued confused, complex, and rarely satisfactory relationship with social media and my smart phone. This summer I have tried to intentionally cut back quite a bit. Here’s the social media “diet” I’ve had myself on since around the time my son turned two: Continue reading

Chronicling: Project Life Travel Core Kit

Macbeth opens in ONE WEEK! So that means it is crunch time over here, but I wanted to share a little update on chronicling. I mentioned that I will be trying a variety of memory keeping strategies this year and one of them was the physical Project Life products. I decided the place I wanted to start was with my HONEYMOON trip to Italy!  Continue reading

Nostalgia, or, my life is awesome

So… I have been working on various ways of chronicling this month. I am in the process of creating a Shutterfly book (because really you can’t beat free and I have a free one about to expire), keeping up with the Project Life app to document the day to day of this year, and I just started a physical project life kit to catch up on scrapbooking photos from our belated honeymoon we took to Italy a few years ago. Continue reading