Chronicling: Project Life Travel Core Kit

Macbeth opens in ONE WEEK! So that means it is crunch time over here, but I wanted to share a little update on chronicling. I mentioned that I will be trying a variety of memory keeping strategies this year and one of them was the physical Project Life products. I decided the place I wanted to start was with my HONEYMOON trip to Italy! 

IMG_0267I decided to use the Project Life Vintage Travel Core Kit. The kit is SUPER CUTE and fit what I envisioned this book to be perfectly. Once I bought my core kit, album, and page protectors, I waited for Shutterfly to have a sale or a special and then got all my Italy prints for just the cost of shipping. (sorry international readers, I don’t think those offers pop up much for you… try to shop sales though!!). While I was waiting for my photos to arrive, I went back and read some journal entries from that time and gathered all my trip memorabilia. When my photos came, I was ready to start!


Those filler cards help tell the story, are super cute, and helped this process fly by!

My system: I knew I wouldn’t have large chunks of time to scrapbook, so I planned ahead when I could steal manageable sessions. I started this project before rehearsals started, so I decided that I could pick picture order and placement when I was enjoying downtime with my husband as we caught up on our favorite shows post-toddler bedtime. I made sure it was OK with him as I didn’t want him to think I was blowing off our time together. Project Life is such an easy system that creating layouts as a multi-tasking event wasn’t hard. I would then journal the next day during nap time since that is not a multi-tasking or background noise activity for me. I worked this way slowly and steadily. Once rehearsals started it just meant that we didn’t have that downtime as regularly, but it would still pop up and page by page, memories were documented and tasks were completed.


One of the first pages I layed out from our California trip! You can see I still need to do the journaling but nap time was used for writing this blog instead…

I finished our Italy trip and realized that the album still had plenty of room so in the interest of space and organization I’ve decided to keep going and make it an album of all the couples travel my husband and I did before having our son! So I just started working on our mini-moon to California (we waited over a year to save and plan our Italy honeymoon so we had some small celebrations stateside while we waited!). It’s nice that what to work on next came so logically and easily.

However, now that I’ve finished one task with Project Life physical products I wanted to jot down some quick pros and cons from my perspective/experience:

*EASY: easy to keep together, easy to work on a little at a time, easy system to learn
*CUTE with lots of variety in the kits to choose from
*Relatively fast: the pocket scrapbooking approach meant that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking out layouts or cutting small details.
*portable: easy to pack up the kit and take it with me to a craft time session or even out to a coffee shop if you can find the table space. Not as portable as digital or app scrapbooking of course, but still much more manageable than the kind of scrapbooking work I used to do
*DONE: Done is better than perfect. This system helped me get it done and allowed my husband to glance back through and enjoy those memories. He even started showing them to our son (we won’t let him look on his own for a few more years though!)
*PHYSICAL souvenirs: I could include pieces like sugar packets from the fancy cafe we stopped at or our actual tickets to see the pope or get on our planes instead of photos of them and I REALLY like that for this kind of scrapbook.


Showcasing some pros and cons: PRO- handwritten note from our Amalfi B&B                                         CON: the blank spaces that show the next page

*The White Space: I don’t love the gaps that necessarily happen in pocket journaling. It’s just not my preferred aesthetic.
*It’s not the APP: Aside from the points mentioned below and the physical souvenir aspect, the project life app does the “pro” points even better than the physical kits AND it has the bonus of my toddler not being able to get into the pieces if I forget to close the door to the office.
*More of a logical process than a creative one: yes, you still get to choose which cards go where and how you will situate pictures, but the process becomes much more about documenting than creativity which works for me right now but seems to be one of the biggest complaints about the project life system. There are lots of little details you could add to combat this con, they just go against my goals of getting it done!

*Price point: In order to hit the price point I was going for I had to look for coupons and deals, but that made it come out cheaper in the end than printing from the digital app. However, that also meant lower quality printing as Shutterfly prints can be a bit grainy.
*Handwriting: I love leaving the memory of my handwriting in the journal cards. I just happen to hate my handwriting and worry people in the future will confuse words.

Any other Project Life lovers out there? Or stories of most excellent honeymoons? I need some cheer amidst the dark Macbeth rehearsals (even though they are a blast, but a Shakepsearean tragedy is a Shakespearean tragedy…)


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