Cooking #10 All the Avocado

Avocado is definitely in my top five list of vegetarian’s best friend in the kitchen but it is pretty amazing no matter what your dietary needs are. It binds things, it’s delicious, it’s basically a superfood, and because I live so close to California it is in abundance and affordable at this time of year (which may surprise those of you who see the continually rising guacamole price at Chipotle.) In fact, when talking about how crazy it is that my toddler has yet to experience so many wonderful things in life like falling in love, I once had a friend respond “and he’s had so few avocados so far” so yeah, it’s THAT GOOD. So here are two super simple super fast recipes featuring this culinary superstar.


My crazy kid loves seaweed snacks and coffee… he’s definitely mine.

The first meal can be made either vegan or pescetarian- it’s another way we curb my sushi craving. I like to call it Sloppy Sushi… it is super simple. Start with these delicious little seaweed snacks that they are starting to sell more and more places… I believe these came from Sprouts:


Of course we get the spicy version… but you can get the regular kind!


Next,  Choose what you want to go inside your sloppy sushi- the base for us is almost always white rice and big slices of avocado. Other ideas include cucumber, mango, ahi tuna pieces, crab, carrot… the possibilities are MANY. You can also throw a little rice wine vinegar on your rice or add some hot sauce. We like to go for Siracha since we don’t keep any wasabi based sauces in the house on a regular basis. Next, roll that all up into the sea weed snacks and pretend it’s a tightly rolled piece of sushi… overlooking the stuff falling out of it.. I TOLD you it was sloppy sushi…


IMG_0072The second sushi recipe is stuffed avocado. There are several variations to this- we’ve stuffed avocado with breadcrumbs and parmesan, with egg, and my friend suggested I try stuffing it with tuna and using the avocado I took out in place of mayo with the tuna. It was brilliant. I put green onion on top and I was good to go. It was a perfect lunch. And it’s a perfect rehearsal meal too!!!

And now we’re just waiting for this new round of delicious avocados to ripen so we can eat even more! I know I’m not the only one with this obsession…


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