The Courage to Share

While I have always loved crafting as a relaxing activity, a means of keeping my hands busy and getting into my body and out of living completely in my head, it has recently become something more than that. Through the encouragement of several close friends, I have started sharing my crafting with others. At first, it was just through small gifts or personalized gifts. Things I wouldn’t mention until they were done and only going to people I knew would give me grace if they weren’t perfect. As I started this year focusing on crafting, more and more people continued to give me positive feedback and encouraged me to share in a wider sphere. That’s how I started (very slowly) to sell some of my crafts.
I now officially have an Etsy shop set up to sell some of my cards, and I hope to add more diverse projects after the baby comes next year and I get more of an idea of how to safely ship those projects, and in the meantime I am thrilled to be selling locally and at a few local artist fairs.

It has taken a surprising amount of courage to take this step. The perfectionist in me wouldn’t take my own advice and observations about the beauty of handmade objects and I kept thinking that I should hide my creations instead of celebrating them. It was after watching a few really positive talks and reading a few inspiring blog posts (more on those in a future post) that I felt inspired to take the gentle, sweet encouragement of my friends and face my fears of sharing my projects commercially and with a wider audience. I’m excited to delve into taking on this kind of work and seeing how it feels to commit to it while I’m forced to take a break from theatrical projects due to time and transportation constraints and then to see again what it feels like once our family adjusts to having another member the beginning of next year.
I’m still nervous, but now I’m finally also excited. If you are local to the Phoenix area, you can come check out some of my work at the Brelby Artists’ Fair this Saturday from 11-1. If you are not local, you can check out my Etsy shop at:
and look for more listings added in February or message me about a custom request in the meantime 🙂


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