Cooking #5: Quinoa Bites

I’ve had this recipe pinned for I can’t even tell you how long and I’ve had a box of quinoa just sitting in my pantry and since we are trying to be a little better about using what we have and cutting our grocery bill to mostly fresh vegetables and fruit, this recipe seemed perfect.

IMG_9583This recipe is vegetarian. You can find it HERE and while the original recipe calls this cheesy quinoa bites… the cheese is more of a binding element than a major taste. So, this recipe was helpful because it gave me the excuse to make some extra quinoa to turn into a taco salad with black beans and the extra veggies left over from this recipe. This also called to mind how bad my speed is when it comes to chopping- though part of that is definitely running food for my toddler and putting out tantrums. But even all things considered, my chopping skills are SLOW, possibly because chopping veggies is a very zen and calming experience for me so I never actually feel pulled to learn how to speed up.

Once I had a very colorful collection of ingredients, Iadded the eggs and mixed it all together. I was excited to use my mini muffin pan which does not get much use since we devour full sized muffins here… until I realized I would need 2.5 batches since I only have one mini muffin pan. So it became a much longer project than I originally anticipated (so much for nap time productivity!)



Cute little delicious bites! Next time I’m also adding red pepper…

The quinoa bites came out filling, good, but a little bland… I probably would have salted the mixture a little more but since everything was already cooked, I just added hot sauce and had a very happy lunch! I actually tried three bites with three different hot sauces- Cholula, Siracha, and Tapatio- Cholula won for me but they were all good choices.

I’m interested to see how these taste cold as well as how they taste re-heated. I’m looking for good on the go meals for once rehearsals start so any favorite simple, transportable recipes that don’t need to be heated are requested and suggestions welcome! I am feeling confident that my next recipe I try may be one great option, but I’d love 4-5 to keep me from eating out next month.



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