13 Reasons I didn’t publish or finish that blog post…

I’ve started writing several blog posts and then deleted them, but I wanted to post something today so I have written you this list of why I didn’t post:

  1. I may change my mind and be held to what I thought at this moment because it is written down
  2. Trolling, misogynist comments, and even threats stemming from blog posts are real
  3. It’s a good story but it’s not mine to tell, or I worry that someone will feel I have violated their privacy
  4. You might think I’m a bad mom/person
  5. You might get the wrong idea that I think I am a perfect mom/person
  6. I think someone else has already said it better
  7. You may take my expression of beliefs as encroaching on yours when I just want to share mine
  8. My toddler took over my attention and by the time I went to finish I was no longer interested in what I was writing about, or it was no longer timely
  9. I don’t show myself enough empathy and forgiveness for stolen time, mistakes, and unsure choices
  10. I worry I will do more harm than good
  11. Technology was against me and the post was deleted
  12. The Patriarchy (see reason #2 as a starting point but there’s a lot more here…)
  13. I had to go spend my time doing something that pays me

Nothing brilliant, just a straight up, real list of reasons I’ve deleted about two dozen posts… some of these reasons I am trying to work through during this year of courage and others are legit or serious enough to continue to cause me to push the delete button…




2 thoughts on “13 Reasons I didn’t publish or finish that blog post…

  1. I definitely resonate with several of these, especially 1, 6, and 13. Add to that the fear of putting something out there that I’m later just plain embarrassed of, and you’ve got me covered!


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