C is for Cleaning

We are almost a week into March already!!! That means hello spring (even though it feels a lot more like summer here) and hello Spring Cleaning

282957_346012122139503_2084346125_nI have a few confessions to make about this month’s theme:
1. I hit the husband jackpot and my wonderful spouse does most of the cleaning around our house… like to a fault. I mean, I spend a lot of time picking up after our toddler and organizing/decluttering, but when it comes to the down and dirty scrubbing stuff? It’s him to a fault. So I want to try and be more equitable with that kind of work and work towards helping out with non-kid related daily chores more as well as come up with a plan for taking care of the bigger, less frequent, homeowner type stuff.

2. This is SO not a new thing with this month. I have been rearranging, decluttering, unpacking, and cleaning since we finally got a little time back after our move. In fact, I JUST finished unpacking all the boxes we had in the garage and now we can finally use it as a garage and pull a car in to keep it from getting so hot and that was a MAJOR victory. So  while now I am back to rehearsal insanity, I want to KEEP GOING and make our house a home that works for us.

Here are my goals with spring cleaning:
*FINISH unpacking/settling in (we have one last room- the office/craft room that is still more or less a dumping ground of unpacked madness and I want that DONE!!!)
IMG_0063-2*Create a household management system- especially now that we’re homeowners
*Create some sort of flexible but consistent cleaning schedule
*Decide what basic things my almost 2 year old (WHAT?! how did that happen?!?!?! OK, he’s still got 2.5 months but that is going to FLY by) can help with so he knows part of our household routine is taking care of the house together… so far the only activities we have are picking up blocks and books to the clean up song and the fact that he enjoys sweeping/vacuuming… even though we have to re-do it all once he’s done we love the enthusiasm!

*Tackle a few random projects like cleaning our ceiling fans or the refrigerator

What are your spring cleaning goals? Anyone have a household management binder or system that they LOVE and want to share? I love how much crowd sourcing has helped me this year 🙂


5 thoughts on “C is for Cleaning

  1. I’m still on the lookout for a good system, one that mixes in the day-to-day stuff with things you’d only want to do once in a while (like cleaning behind the fridge), without making the latter feel like something extra plopped down on your plate. Preferably it wouldn’t be too much work to set up or maintain such a system, either—it has to be easier than doing the chores I put off, or I’ll put it off too!


    • EXACTLY! I feel like the extra stuff needs to trade off with the day to day? And one where the focus is cleanliness, not Pinterest perfection… I have several options bookmarked and hoping maybe a combo will do the trick!


      • I used to have a paper system where I would put odd jobs on a list, and every day I could do as many or as few as I wanted and cross them off, as long as I always did at least the top un-crossed-off item. So everything got done eventually. For repeating jobs like vacuuming, I just put them back on the list as soon as I did them, and I’d get to them again later. This was a super simple system to maintain, and it was easy to do as much or as little as I had time for each day, BUT it didn’t take into account that some repeating tasks you need to do more often than others (I had a separate list for daily jobs, but that was it), and after a few months of doing this, I found that I wasn’t crossing things off the list as fast as I was putting them on, so my repeating tasks were happening less and less often.

        Care to share some of your bookmarks?


        • That system for some reason reminds me of a bullet journal type of organization even though it’s a little different. I really WANT to embrace it but I think I’d forget to use the index and everything would end up a mess. I’m HOPING to write a post this week or next featuring the bookmarks! Still trying to weed through duplicates (different blogs but same system type of thing) before getting started


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