C is for Change

Wow. How is it April already?! March flew by, probably because it was consumed with Macbeth- both rehearsals and performances! But now the show is over and it is time to shift gears and make some changes

That means I will finally have time to implement some of the routines I was researching last month. It also means I can take some time to adjust to all the changes my son has gone through in the past year as he moves further and further from being a baby and closer and closer to being a 2 year old next month. We are bracing for a lot of change. (Does the rapid change ever end for the parent of a young child?)

8ed80bae862376e637e1af8582124439We also had another big change that officially started today- my husband switched jobs. While we believe this switch will be much better for our family it definitely comes with some changes good and bad. These changes are going to effect the way we plan our schedules and the way we plan our next goals as well as the timelines for achieving them. There are going to be adjustments and growing pains and unexpected benefits. Lots of change.

So in light of that, I am trying to make small, measurable, noticeable changes this month while the broad, long reaching, difficult to grasp changes take place around us. Spring is a fabulous season for change, and even though it is about to feel like summer here in Phoenix, I’m embracing all the color and growth that comes with the season of Spring. Hopefully amidst all this change I’ll get back to my cooking projects!!


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