Cooking #13: Zucchini Fritters

When I was planning to roast veggies last week my husband did the shopping and picked up all the vegetables I requested, but since I didn’t specify how many zucchini I wanted he thought I was making ratatouille and would need several when i really just needed one to cut up and roast! So  now a week has past and I was worried the other zucchini would go bad so today was the perfect day to try a new zucchini recipe for lunch.

IMG_1054Zucchini fritters are a little messy but super easy. First take your zucchini (I had two rather large zucchini that yielded about 3.5 cups) and put it through the food processor to shred it. Once you shred it you will want let it rest for a few minutes before squeezing out all the excess water as you transfer it to a bowl.

Once in the bowl mix in a few eggs (I used one per zucchini but again my veggies were large!) and flour until you get a consistency that is wet but not super sticky. Season with salt and pepper then get your pan nice and hot with some oil to fry this deliciousness up…

IMG_1055I used a large spoon to scoop the mixture into the pan but I suppose you could make these whatever size you want, just make sure they cook all the way through so you don’t have runny raw egg in your veggie treat and try to cook evenly on each side. I cooked for about two minutes on each side but the first batch took a little longer (probably because I was too impatient to let the pan heat up all the way before starting!) Make sure you line a plate with paper towels to catch the excess oil.

This is definitely a recipe I could play around with. When I was researching before making I saw a few variations that included yellow or green onion in the mixture (I actually used green onion in these starting about halfway through so I could compare and I definitely prefer it this way!) and I’m sure you could play with all sorts of combos. Once you’re done pan frying these are great just as they are but you can also top with some extra salt, sour cream, or hot sauce. I think next time I make these I will double the batch and see if they freeze well… I’m wary of freezing fried things though… maybe I’ll flash freeze before they are cooked? Can you freeze mixtures with raw egg? More to go research! In the meantime, I’ve found another veggie my toddler loves. Which is needed because it’s been a rough month and food fights are not something I want on my plate. But more about that in another post…


Toddler Approved


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