Cooking #12: Colorful Cooking

There was a time when my plates of food looked tragically monochromatic. Then I realized that my body was getting pretty sick when I ate most meat (hence my journey to pescetarianism) and suddenly I had to start reproaching vegetables and trying new foods. By far one of my favorite discoveries I’ve made since jumping in on this brand new
IMG_0866wonderful world of colorful fruits and veggies is how much I LOVE roasted vegetables. I can’t tell you how many ways we eat roasted veggies in our house. On homemade regular or french bread pizzas, in sauces, on their own as a fabulous side, in frozen burritos, and so much more! Not to mention they are SO EASY to make! The only downside is that roasting anything means the kitchen can get HOT so I wanted to take advantage of this wonderful week of cooler weather we are having here in Phoenix before the summer weather really kicks in.

So for this week’s cooking I decided to try out roasted vegetables two different ways- for both sets I started with the same veggies: carrots, onions, broccoli, zucchini, and an assortment of bell peppers. the first, I did a traditional olive oil, salt, and pepper combo. For the smaller pan, I tried out this recipe that I’ve had pinned for a while which calls for NO oil and roasting in balsamic vinegar and thyme instead. I roasted at 380 instead of 390 since I’m working with a gas stove that I’ve realized needs to be set just a bit lower for most recipes. I’ve learned that there really is no set time to roast the vegetables because it depends how think you slice them, how many you roast, etc. etc. you just have to keep an eye on them and guestimate.


Yum Yum Yum. 

Both sets turned out pretty well, but I definitely prefer the classic roasted veggies. Olive oil is just the food of the gods and makes everything so yummy. The balsamic sweet and tangy taste was good too but I thought it took away front he natural sweetness of the veggies. Plus, due to not being roasted with oil,  they did not come out as tender and started getting a bit dry before they were fully roasted.

What is your favorite way to roast vegetables? Or favorite recipe that incorporates them?


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