Cooking #14: The perfect BBQ side dish

Just a quick post because I wanted to share one of my favorite side dishes in case you need a last minute idea for your memorial day get togethers. These are great for BBQ sides or just a side dish in general.

You get some green beans and YOU get some green beans…

I didn’t start to love green beans until I moved to the South for grad school. Since that time they have become one of my favorite vegetables so I wanted to share 2 of my favorite ways to cook green beans. The first I originally found in Oprah magazine a while ago and when I was cleaning out old papers I realized that luckily they still have the recipe online HERE. This was an excellent discovery because I never end up making recipes of of magazine anymore. It’s cookbooks or online or I forget all about them so it took me until this year to finally try this delicious recipe for tangy green beans.The Dijon mustard and shallots definitely elevate this side dish and it is one of our go to veggie recipes now.

The second recipe is less traditional to pair with something on the grill but in our family we have a need for spice so here’s a spicy Sichuan green bean recipe. which we also make on a regular basis to pair with an Asian style glazed salmon. If we are REALLY craving spice we use spicy sesame oil instead of regular, which you can now find at most grocery stores.

I know today is not about food and BBQs but the brave people who sacrifice for us. I think coming together and eating good food is probably the best way we psychologically no how to deal with such profound loss though so I wanted to share something yummy you can contribute. I hope you all have a safe holiday!


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