Celebrating REST

So it’s been a while since I posted! Mostly because I didn’t have a lot of time or wifi on our vacation. But now we’re home and I’m trying to play catch up on blog posts amid playing catch up on life in general (traveling always means SO MUCH LAUNDRY! Also, our yard did not like being neglected for over two weeks. whoops…) but this post is a good start and one I actually wrote while on vacation but never had a chance to post…

IMG_1476On one of my recent instagram posts, I wrote about how a trip with a toddler is never a vacation and I stand by that statement. And before I get into celebrating rest, I’d like to encourage you all to celebrate whatever phase you are at while traveling especially.

I would encourage you to celebrate being able to travel during the phase of being single and being able to crash on people’s couches without spending 90% of your time with them worrying that your progeny will destroy something in the house/apartment. Or being able to change plans last minute or easily, fluidly adjust to the changes the unpredictability of travel forces on you. Or if you are newly married and able to have the blessing of two incomes and some discretionary funds- ENJOY the luxury of a nice inn or staying at a romantic hotel. Or the older children/empty nest phase of once again having new flexibility but with a new appreciation from your life experiences. This trip allowed us to celebrate passing on special moments from father to son and celebrating new life phases with high school friends. That’s the phase we are in. That’s what we celebrated in the midst of the chaotic travel (and we only have one kid we were bringing with us!)


Babywearing and exploring in a lull between the storms…

Knowing that we will probably not have the ability to travel back East again anytime soon (we definitely took advantage of the last month of our son being under 2 years old and not having to pay for a third plane ticket!) we also kind of packed our trip with plans each day. We were given a forced respite when we had chilly, rainy weather for a few days while in Northern New York. It ended up being a glorious part of the trip. Just cuddling up with blankets, watching the rain, reading, drinking tea, and being together. I mean, it helped that we had a gorgeous view out our window during this time, but I never would have guessed I’d be so happy to watch my fitbit stats drop from 15k steps to 3K steps for a day (though I’m told it helps if you remember to take if off the charger… ooops…).

We still spent a good bit of our time regulating a feisty toddler who wanted to run out into the lake, but it was restful in the midst of everything and a rare time of just the three of us. Something that we have a hard time planning and embracing because we love our friends and community so much and we have so little free time that our impulse is to give to them first, when maybe we need to build up our little family first instead.
The rest of our trip returned to a fairly busy go go go pace again, which was also great, but I think the reason it was so great was because we were forced into taking the time we needed to recharge! And since we didn’t have any wifi that recharge time wasn’t spent zoning out to Netflix (a favorite past time of almost every parent I know and many non-parents as well) we got to just BE together.


Rain Rain go Away… but thank you for giving me this adorable moment…


2 thoughts on “Celebrating REST

  1. Netflix is one of those things where either having it or not having it can make a vacation more special. Clara and I have enjoyed seeing what’s available in different countries we’ve visited, but some of our favorite getaway trips have been ones where we didn’t have any internet at all. (Not advised for logistics-heavy traveling though!)


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