Pizza Bowls!

A quick post on a great, super simple recipe. Sadly, pizza sauce is key component so our son could not share dinner with us the night we made these, but we will probably still make this again because they were good, filling, and healthier than ordering pizza! (Also, I think they taste better than ordering pizza- but that’s possibly ?because my Italian family has made me a pizza snob…)img_2858The base of these pizza bowls is quinoa and tomato sauce which means that you get a filling and protein filled meal. You basically mix tomato sauce with quinoa and then layer the quionoa, more pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese in oven safe bowls or ramekins. You also layer in your favorite pizza toppings. For exact cook time and oven temps you can check out the recipe HERE.

For us, that meant yummy bowls filled with bell peppers, onions, olives, and jalapeños but for you (or if my husband were making them for himself and not with his wife in mind) that might mean fullsizerenderpepperoni, sausage, and bacon pieces. I love that this could be a family meal that everyone could easily personalize without having to wait on a pizza stone and crust being available for each individual.

I will admit it tastes best straight from the oven so we may cut the recipe in half next time or just use our stoneware bowls instead of the ramekins unless we have company coming to share this yummy meal!


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