Stay At Home Date Night

I knew when I picked Dating as one of the focuses of this year, that we’d have to have some stay at home date nights during the early days with our daughter. I also knew that if we didn’t make it a priority to actually label those stay at home time date nights then it was likely we’d end up choosing sleep, netflix, or getting a few more things on the “Oh my stars there’s so much we need to catch up on” list checked off.
So last weekend we set aside time for a date night. We planned what we’d have for dinner and dessert ahead of time and while baby girl was still around and needed to nurse, we waited to eat dinner at least until our toddler was in bed so it was semi-uninterrupted. We talked together, stayed in the same space (this may seem super basic if you aren’t a parent, but we’ve realized that since having the baby we’ve been playing “Zone defense” at least as much as man on man when we’re both home so this in and of itself is a victory)
I also had a silly activity that turned out to be a lot of fun- I had us each brainstorm our dream date nights with budgets of $20, $100, $500, and unlimited money. It was really fun to dream together about some things we could definitely accomplish in the next year or so and others that will almost certainly remain a fun fantastical vision… (I’m hoping my husband won’t mind that I share his unlimited money date night included us going into space…)

Do you have any favorite stay at home date nights? Once the weather warms up we’re thinking of a picnic under the stars but we’d love a few more ideas!


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