7 Ways My Daughter is Smashing the Patriarchy

I wanted to bring you a bit of a fun post in honor of International Women’s Day so here are just a few ways I feel like my 6 week old is already rocking some feminism:
1. She’s peed on us way more than her brother: Seriously. Everyone warned us our son was going to pee on us if we weren’t very fast and careful… there are even markets for “pee pee teepees” for boys, but I never had that experience with my son (my husband was not quite as lucky if I remember correctly… but still.. minimal…). My daughter, on the other hand, seems to love to wait until diaper changes to pee more. She even managed to get a nurse or two at her weight checks while she was on the scale. If there’s a rule about girls being easier to change, she either hasn’t heard it or doesn’t care.
2. She’s nor afraid to get smelly. I know, All babies get smelly. But again my husband and I can’t help but laugh how much more she seems to enjoy bodily functions than her brother did… and also how much smellier she seems to be… but maybe we’ve just blocked out the smells from the first time around. But don’t worry, it’s nothing that her bath can’t fix…
3. Some days she opts for blue over pink- and she is adorable in both! I know, technically I’m the one who picks her outfits. But I’m just going to leave these pictures here because I’m convinced her personality is already shining through…


4. She’s small but she’s mighty! We’ve had some concerns about her rate of weight gain (our doctor is still a little concerned to tell you the truth…) but I was a little peanut as a kid too. I wasn’t on the charts for a long time and it seems that like mother like daughter might apply in this case… but she is one of the strongest babies I’ve ever seen. She rocks tummy time, her head control astounds me, she breaks out of all the swaddles… though she be but little she is FIERCE!

5. She knows embracing all things feminine is a choice she can make and still expect to be cherished for who she is, not what she’s wearing  I’ll be honest, I mostly added this point because I just wanted the excuse to share this picture…

6. She seems to have a soft spot for Mother Mary One of my favorite things about begin Catholic is the recognition and consideration of Mary. And in the parishes and schools I went to growing up that translated to more inclusion and consideration of women throughout the Bible. I know many may not think of the Catholic Church as a paramount of women’s rights, but much of my feminism actually comes from my Catholic background. And I think all those rosaries I prayed when I was pregnant and sick must have made an impression in the womb because during extra fussy times, saying a Hail Mary or two seems to be one of the only things that helps to calm us both… or maybe she’s just reacting to me getting calm… but I like to think she already looks up to Jesus’ mom the way I do.
7. She’s not afraid to speak up- loudly We’re probably in trouble when the two year old tantrums hits, but as exhausting as it may be I love that she’s a baby that makes her will known and doesn’t give up on us hearing her. I hope she doesn’t let anyone silence her as she grows up in this crazy world.

I love her so much already and can’t wait to see what work she does for the women in her life. She’s already inspired me to work harder for justice, respect, and kindness.


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