A day in the life…

Today’s post is a little different in that it is mostly pictures. The title is also completely accurate but also perhaps a bit misleading in that my days rarely look the same from one day to another. What I did was take one picture every hour I was awake. I’ve put brief descriptions but, mostly, I’m letting the pictures speak for themselves…

Oh yeah, and I came up with this crazy little idea Wednesday evening so I’d have time to start some writing yesterday so the pictures go from evening to evening… Also, I set up this post on desktop so I’m hoping any of my readers accessing it on mobile don’t get too thrown off by the formatting!

7 PM- running a tad late to my restorative yoga class. I’ve missed the last 4 days since the kids and I have been sick so I was really missing it. So great to be back.

9:15 PM Baby was asleep when I got home so tea + podcast + pumping before heading to bed early to keep trying to kick this cold

1:08 AM- View from my room with only the kitchen light on as I change the baby and get ready to nurse… not pictured are the additional early morning feeding sessions at 4 and 5 AM

6:35 AM- This is how our son wakes us up (excuse the wacky lighting… I was on too little sleep to even focus the camera) he sits right by his door saying “hello? mom? dad? hellooooo?” until someone comes to get him. It’s pretty cute. Especially when it comes AFTER 6AM like today…

7:22 AM- time to tend the garden! The plants can take in the water best before our Phoenix temperatures get out of control hot so I try to get this done each day by 8:45 at latest. Come fall this can happen a little later! My son loves seeing the different kind of leaves. He’s so fascinated by the diversity! And right now we have Zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, summer squash, and single fighting sprouts of beans and corn all with very different, very lovely green leaves!

8:14 AM- The kids are playing together and I can steal 10-15 minutes today for glancing at my planner and having some coffee and Jesus time!

9:02 AM- Usually right now we’d be heading to a playmate but since we’ve all been sick and didn’t want to share the germs, we’re doing some fine motor skills playtime. My son is obsessed with wipe away books right now so this is a special treat to him

10:07 AM- We’ve been trying to start nap time around 9:30 or 10 each day… as you can see… my daughter is having none of it. I will spend most of the next hour trying to get her to nap while my son plays with blocks and pulls every toy he owns out of the toy chest…

11:30 AM TV time for little man while I get lunch ready while baby wearing his sister. Recently he’s been SUPER into Little Einsteins and claps and sings along. Bonus: it’s actually quality programming so it eases my mom guilt a bit as it’s introducing him to fun classical music and artists like Kandinsky!

12:15 PM Lunch time! We keep lunches pretty simple- , sandwiches, fruit and yogurt, or leftovers. Today baby girl got to try some pumpkin. I won’t lie, since we let her feed herself with pre-loaded spoons (thanks baby led weaning!) I usually just undress her to her diaper & let her go for it… during the hot summer days that’s usually how she stays until it is time for PJs that night…

1:15 PM- the toddler actually fell asleep during his quiet time today which means the baby gets put in the exersaucer while mommy makes this custom wine glass!





2:21 PM: Storytime! I got this book for my first baby shower and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s called Mama Says and it is full of advice from mothers to sons but as you can see by my daughter’s reaching hands, it definitely applies to daughters too!

3:15 PM- Sibling play time- recently the baby has been obsessed with chewing on her brother’s blocks. they are her FAVORITE teething toy. He’s pretty patient with sharing and today he really wanted sister snuggles before going on to build more castles, boats, and giant ice cream cones. This was just before we tried another attempt at getting baby girl to sleep… that one was at least semi-successful!

4:54 PM: DAD’S HOME!!! we’re all rejoicing. We’re all excited to see him. I get a few minutes to regroup alone before we start planning the evening. HOORAY!























































5:56 PM- Dinner tonight is one of our favorite salads! It’s colorful, healthy, and has a spicy tangy dressing. That makes it sound like we have it all together even after a long day, right? NOPE, i’m eating out of tupperward because we literally have no clean bowls. Life with kids, especially when we’ve been sick, can get out of hand fast!

6:33 PM: I missed yoga tonight since hubby got home late, so I went out to grab a tea and start writing this blog post instead. My toddler was having none of my leaving and throwing himself around my legs. He wasn’t actually upset, he’s just a big ham being pretty dang cute.

So there you go! A little sneak peek into a day around here. Not pictured were the boxes of kleenex we went through, how dirty our floor was by the end of lunch, or the huge bags under this mamas eyes. You’ll have to imagine all those for yourselves.

I hope you have a great weekend and can find moments to cherish in each day!


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