What a week- plus giveaway winner announced

As I said in my last post, this is my favorite time of year. But even when you’re loving the season, you can just have one of those weeks, right?

Just when I thought we were done with being sick, stomach flu passed through our house with a vengeance and I was reminded that parents don’t get a day off, even when they feel awful. I’m thankful that my husband was able to come home a little early from work one day at least but was so sad to miss events I had planned.

IMG_0445I’m trying really hard to just let it all go and not be stressed about how behind I am after missing two days… hold on to the healthier mindset I’ve been strengthening throughout the last several months. I saw a great post on instagram today about how you can still savor the season you are in and count your blessings even when you are facing challenges. So I started thinking about the rare, still, quiet moments I got from my son while he didn’t feel well. Or how happy my daughter was waking up this morning compared to the misery she was in yesterday. I am still thinking about the reminders this rough week is giving me. I’m taking a deep breath and moving forward while savoring the good. (I’m also doing a lot of thinking about what the rest of the year might look like and what may need to change in 2018… but more on that in future posts.)

giveaway winnerSpeaking of good things… congrats to the winner of my Write the Word giveaway: Katy! Katy, please direct message me on instagram with your email so I can get your address and send you your new journal (if you don’t have instagram you can also leave your email in a comment and I will delete it when I receive it instead of letting it post…) You have 24 hours to contact me or I will be choosing a new winner so hope to hear from you soon! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered. Your comments and pictures were really lovely and vulnerable and I appreciate them so much. And if you didn’t win, I hope you still get a chance to use the Write the Word journals in the future. They are such a wonderful tool!



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