A Letter to my Oldest Daughter for her 6th Birthday

Perhaps the greatest thing to bring me joy in life is becoming a mom to three magical humans. One of my favorite traditions is writing them open letters for their birthdays as one of the ways we celebrate them. So I’ll have two posts this month- an open letter for each kid. Today it is for my middle kid- my oldest daughter who turned 6 earlier this year.

My Sweet Second Born,

I can never believe how fast time flies and now you are suddenly six. You are rocking kindergarten and learning so much. You love having full school days and making new friends. You often come home with a lunch almost as full as when we sent you out the door and eat it all after school because you spend your lunch break as a social butterfly, chatting and laughing with all your fiends.

You are still our Rainbow. You love sparkles, unicorns, flowers, fairies, and anything glittery and magical. You bring so much color everywhere you go. At conference night you proudly showed us how everyone else’s penguin was black and white but YOU had a rainbow penguin.

Going to Disneyland and picking out your very own Minnie Mouse ears was a highlight of this year…

You still love crafts but you have become more prolific this year. You tear through printer or construction paper with works of art you want to give to people. It reminds me of your brother at this age. You just want to keep practicing and exploring while you create. You feel the same way about baking yummy things to share with others.

You also never tire of dance and music. You just know how to have so much FUN. When we go around the table playing “high, low, buffalo” you have said a few times “I don’t have any lows because anything I don’t like in my day I just make fun by singing or dancing or adding rainbows” May you always find joy to fuel your persistence.

You are such a good sister. You absolutely love playing games with your little sister and pretending you are Elsa and Anna for hours on end… or Isabella and Louisa… or Bluey and Bingo. You fight with your siblings like any kid does, but you notice their needs and are quick to think about them and try to help them. You are the same with your parents- if we have had a hard day and are tired or not feeling great, you pretend to be a doctor and take care of us.

It is hard to imagine that you are not closer to double digits than to being a newborn. You are learning so much right now. This is such a special age and it is hard to stay present and not get sad about the day I know is coming when you won’t want me to tuck you into bed or play princess tea party. But we aren’t there yet, and I am treasuring these times for now!

I love you so much,



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