A Letter to my Youngest for her 3rd Birthday

Continuing what I mentioned in my last post, here is a letter to my daughter from her birthday last month…

My sweet youngest daughter,

This has been a huge year for you. The year you stepped out into the world and started learning so much. Hearing you find your voice and suddenly communicate with so many more words was the most exciting thing, and we found so much joy seeing you open up and make new friends at preschool and in MOPS. You have bloomed into and adventurous little girl who makes those around her smile and give into some fun and adventure too.

You dance like no one is watching, music and shaking your booty is just one of your very favorite things. You sing at the top of your lungs and get people to join you. You are just so full of JOY.

You are still my snuggle bug and I know that part goes so fast so I am cherishing it. You have the sweetest most gentle demeanor when you come into our room in the morning and say “I WOKE UP!” and then give a big hug. If someone is upset you tell them to be a kitty cat and then you “pet” them and say “nice kitty its ok” and it makes me smile every time.

I have seen your bond with your siblings grow even stronger. They are hands down your favorite people in the world. You are only interested in toys they will still play with, shows they want to watch, books they want to read. You look up to them so much and will do some daring physical activities just to keep up with sister or brother. You have also learned the joy of special shoes and purses from your sister- (definitely not from me or it would be running shoes and hydration packs instead!)

You take pride in being a helper and especially love to “help” unload the dishwasher (we are still working on where the silverware actually goes.. but you are getting more and more genuinely helpful every day! You also love to “read to us” because you see your siblings doing the same. You are delighted and surprised and throw giggle fits every time you have a lift the flap book and show us what is underneath the flaps. You are always observing and sometimes realize where your siblings have misplaced something before they can. If I slip out for a run sometimes the rest of the family barely notices, but when I come back you say “There you are! I missed you!”

I am looking forward to more of your observations and growth and fabulousness this next year. Threenager here you come.

Love you forever,



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