Baking #36: Pumpkin Muffins

Let me tell you… I have been a hot mess recently. I have been focusing most of my energy on keeping my fearless toddler alive and on rocking it out in rehearsals so the other stuff has kind of been… yeah, I said it most succinctly the first time, a hot mess. Continue reading


Baking #30: Double (or triple?) chocolate muffins…

IMG_7247Another busy week where we need easy things to take on the go! This week’s recipe was actually inspired by seeing my stage manager eat a DELICIOUS looking chocolate chocolate chip muffin last week. so I decided to bake some based of of the regular greek yogurt chocolate chip muffin I tried back in May as well as some skinny chocolate muffin recipes I found online.

I wanted to try and bake some chocolate chips into the muffin top but that did not go well and ended up taking away some of the fluffiness as I tried to push the chocolate chips in… oh well, lesson learned! IMG_7249They tasted pretty good at least, and aside from needing to buy more chocolate chips, it was an easy recipe that utilized things we already had in the pantry or fridge which is good because we just don’t have time for any big grocery trips right now! I have to admit that I wish I hadn’t skimped out and done the “skinny” recipe. I could definitely taste the applesauce substitute and I’d prefer whole milk and sugar to honey any day… Give me good stuff in moderation instead of lots of mediocre stuff!

That’s all for now. As I said before, shorter and fewer blog posts for the next month or so, but I’ll try my best to do what I can!

As usual, Leslie Knope gets me…

Baking #17: Stress baking & chocolate chip muffins

“You should have a muffin. They’re really good and they’ll help you.”

I originally got into baking in college because it made me feel good when I was stressed. Instead of stress eating, I could bake and enjoy the smells of the treats in the oven and then know that I could easily give it away by just walking down to the callboard hallway and offering it to a ton of other stressed out exhausted theatre majors who had probably forgotten to eat most of the day after going from class to rehearsal to another rehearsal and back again. (In a lot of ways being a theatre major really prepared me for parenthood….) I actually started baking so much due to stress my senior year of undergrad that people started making jokes about the Grey’s Anatomy character Izzy Stevens- Continue reading