Year End Wrap Up: Bardolatry

I learned a lot about Shakespeare this year and did a number of shows that were either Shakespeare or Shakespeare related. I learned that, like almost everything in life, Shakespeare looks different through the lens of parenthood. Continue reading

Bardolatry: An Update

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the Bardolatry in my list of Bs since I have not been cross posting from Newlywed Shakespeare recently. Well, there’s a good explanation. I started my Newlywed Shakespeare blog as a way to keep me sharp and engaged with Shakespeare’s texts after graduate school. It worked. Continue reading


Bardolatry: Othello Act 5

***Originally Posted 2/2/15***

I finished up Othello over on the other blog. I tried to pre-write some of it since I knew this week would be crazy but even finishing seemed to melt my brain today. (Or maybe that’s the feeling of having a cold that won’t go away…) So you go enjoy some Shakespeare thoughts including one of my favorite questions to ask when teaching the play. HINT: It’s not about rhetoric.

(not that rhetoric isn’t great.)

You check on this entry, and I’m going to go make myself some more tea… be back later this week once I slog through tech and some sleepless nights with my teething tot!

Bardolatry: Othello Act 3

***This was originally posted on 1/8/15***

After a long (or… several long) break(s) from my Newlywed Shakespeare blog, I have finally written another post and hopefully will be more regular after this. Click on the hyperlink and you can check out the new post HERE.

Hopefully it makes sense because I’m still recovering from four hours of dental work yesterday which left me pretty out of it. (yup, FOUR HOURS. that’s as long as one of my rehearsals. guess which I’d MUCH rather be doing…) I’m just THANKFUL it’s OVER. Only one more major appointment to go.

Much happier post coming tomorrow or Saturday on Babywearing!