Babywearing Update: It’s still awesome.

I wanted to write an update on babywearing, and I had a huge awesome post all ready to go, but when I went to add pictures my browser crashed and I was left with NOTHING. two naptimes worth of work down the drain. NO. GOOD. So I will try to reconstruct what I can and leave you with a bunch of said pictures to make up for the greatness that might not have made it back into this post 2.0 So, a babywearing update in Q&A form

You’re still babywearing? Why? Isn’t your son more of a toddler now?


Our first attempt at double hammock!

OK, first of all, my son still has a little over a month before his first birthday. Don’t take that time away from me! Second and more importantly, We are still wearing him because it still works for our family. Babywearing still helps me get stuff done in a happier, calmer manner in situations such as: *Going to the grocery store or Target without having to worry that he is going to try and climb out of the cart (although I still have to watch what those little hands want to grab off the aisles!)
*Cooking dinner without worrying he is going to try and crawl into the oven (seriously, he’s tried this. Our kitchen entry is too large to put up a baby gate and he crawls FAST (one of my brothers calls him “Michael Phelps on land” because his crawling almost looks like swimming and if it were an olympic sport he could go for gold)
*Ironing without worrying he’s going to try and pull the cord or the ironing board down (again with the not wanting to burn my baby)
*Teething SUCKS but it sucks a little less when wearing him calms him down and makes us both a little happier. Some days it is the only way to stop the fussing. We are hoping we get another little break before the next round of teething starts, but glad we have a good way to cope in the meantime!
*Many more examples I’d be happy to talk about but don’t feel like typing again…

Won’t your baby be all clingy from how much you wear him? Is he ever going to learn to walk that way?

I’ve had a lot of people start asking this recently. I think part of it is because he’s in the height of the normal developmental clingy stage where babies recognize strangers vs. parents. If his dad or myself holding him is an option, that’s the option he prefers. Am I worried about that? Not a bit. Studies have shown that babies who are worn are more confident and independent later because they have formed such strong attachments early. Plus, he does fine with independent play and loves to interact with other people- babies and adults alike. I’m ok with him being hesitant about letting someone he considers a stranger touch or hold him. I’m also not worried about his walking timeline. He has a TON of strength and will walk when he becomes interested in it. At the moment he’d rather climb. Plus, once he starts running I’m going to have to do a lot more cardio to keep up with him!

You live in AZ, aren’t you going to melt if you try to wear your baby once the heat hits?


Our SB Black Current Chambray kept us nice and cool in Malibu last week!

Yes, I live in Phoenix so odds are good that everyone is going to feel like they are melting in another month or so whether they are wearing a baby or not. I don’t plan on just hanging around outside in midday heat once the summer hits, but know that temperatures will still be an issue so here’s my plan:
*Choosing carriers with light weight, breathable fabric and with as few passes or as little fabric as possible. This includes ring slings made of tencel blend cotton, and the awesomely breathable Sakura Bloom chambray slings. Another new carrier that was hands down most recommended to me to deal with the heat is the Wrapsody Breeze
*Using a cooling towel when we need to use the Tula or Ergo. I haven’t tried this yet and will let you know when I do but I’ve heard good things!
*Cooling off with the baby the same way I’ve always cooled off in the summer- the pool! (or sprinklers, splash pads, etc.) HOWEVER, did you know that AZ is ranked #2 for drowning deaths in the nation? And drownings in Phoenix were up 300% last year? Aside from putting my son in swim lessons ASAP and taking all normal safety precautions, I want an option to keep him safe and close in the water. So I bought a water Ring sling from the Etsy shop From Alabama With Love . Not only is it a fast and easy way to wear him in the water. Another easy way is to use the Wrapsody duo water wrap


My official brand ambassador picture.. for now… I think I need to change it to a babywearing one soon!!

Hey that reminds me, don’t you have an awesome babywearing announcement to make?

Why YES I do! I am now a brand ambassador for Wrapsody! I am so excited to join their team. Babywearing has brought me such a great community and I’m excited to expand on that, plus this company has great products and a great story so they are easy to support.

What other carries and carriers have you tried recently?

Since the January post? Lots! But I’ll leave you with just a few pictures 🙂 And as always, I am happy to talk your ear off about babywearing so feel free to leave me a comment or question!


WE got a Tula in January and love the higher panel so my son can’t try to bend over backwards when I’m carrying him! Plus I’m a little obsessed with the houndstooth pattern…


We have definitely found the ring sling love!


Trying out a shorter wrap has been a challenge and a great way to prep for summer. This is a Robbin’s hip carry in a Didymos Aurora wrap.

**Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. All carriers are just some that work for my family and that I happen to love and want to share.**


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