Bardology: It’s a Small World

Sorry to those of you who now hate that they have that song stuck in their head all day. But I wanted to write about how beautifully small a world it really is (one might say after all… one might have a Disney problem…) The theatrical community is inescapably interconnected.

Thanks to that interconnection, we had the pleasure this week of reconnecting with a friend from our graduate program who lives in Germany but is working on a project here in Arizona. We hadn’t seen her in over four years but picked up right where we left off. We talked a bit about grad school friends but mostly- we talked Shakespeare. It was fabulous. Concepts or lack thereof, verse, characters, various plays. Hours passed discussing memories and scholarship- everything from gender issues to shakespeare with puppets. It was a fabulous day. And it makes me extra excited to dive into our next Shakesepare projects.

And what was lovely is we had just as much fun watching my son run around like the crazy little man he is and shared a few giggle fits too. Sometimes it takes seeing someone who hasn’t been a part of your day to day to put things in a little perspective and remind you how many blessings you have in your life. Yesterday we shared that with our friend from Germany. Today we get to share that with one of my best friend, nicknamed my “soul twin” who now lives in New York. We’ll talk theatre too, but mostly, we’ll talk us.


Do I sound like a broken record about community yet? Because it’s still the key to most of the happiness in my life.


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