Bardology: Tempest Begins + The Next Alphabet Shakespeare

Mini post today because it’s that kind of month and I am BECOMING better at giving myself some grace for the things that don’t get done as perfectly as i would wish or if not as much gets marked off my to do list.
So two major Shakespeare related things are happening in my life right now (three if you count Taming auditions but that is SUPER LOOSELY shakespeare related so I’ll wait until we get into rehearsals to talk about it):
1. We started rehearsals for The Tempest on Sunday and while I’ve been looking forward to this project for a while, nothing compares to actually getting in the rehearsal room and hearing actors saying these words aloud. I am so excited to create with this ensemble and hope that any of you in the Phoenix area will come see it! (You can use the discount code Trombley when you check out to make tickets a little more budget friendly!)

2. We started writing our next show in our Alphabet Shakespeare series: J is for Justice! (You can get tickets to that too! But that goes up a little later than The Tempest so expect more info in the weeks to come)

The great thing about these two shows is that they tie together so well so working on rehearsals give us great ideas for writing aspects of our Alphabet Shakespeare show.

It’s exciting to explore the themes of Justice in a time where we are questioning our own justice system and hearing various opinions on what is or is not just as the political debates gear up preparing for the next election. It’s also discouraging at times that hundreds of years later we are still struggling with the same exact problems.

We haven’t finished writing J is for Justice yet, but *SPOILER ALERT* I have a feeling that it will end similarly to the Tempest: with the idea that what is better than justice is mercy. That we all need some grace and a chance to move on or reconsider our choices and start again or renew our hope in building one community. A little too rosy a picture for the times we are in? Maybe. But I have hope that the arts can help future generations become more just. One day we have to start learning from our mistakes, right?


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