Follow up: Exciting News! What we’ve been budgeting for…

So… you may have noticed that I’ve been extra busy/distracted/a bit stressed recently. I’ve wanted to write about why for the last month or so, but for some reason have been anxious about sharing this news with too many people before it became official, but now I can finally share (No, we are not expecting baby #2… sorry to disappoint those of you who have been asking…): We are going to be homeowners!!house1

After working for a mortgage broker for almost a year when we first moved back to Arizona, I have seen and heard of crazy things happening last minute with the house buying process, so it has been a month of feeling like we were almost definitely moving but still having that little fear in the back of my mind wonder if something would prevent it. This is something we have been saving for as a long term goal and we are thrilled to finally make it official and thankful for the people that helped make it happen smoothly!

IMG_7362So yes, things have been crazy because we are trying to pack and move and set up a new home while rehearsing one play and writing another but like I said before, ALL GOOD THINGS! I’m hoping to write a more in depth post about moving on a budget as well as how looking for a house really made us revisit the ideals and priorities/values I mentioned in the intro post to this month. It brought up questions like: Do we want to be close to our community and maximizing time we get to spend together by minimizing commutes? Or do we want a bigger house? Or a fancier neighborhood? How much is “enough” and what kind of experiences do we want our son to have and be exposed to (i.e. we say we value diversity but how comfortable are we actually living in a diverse community? how do we embody Pope Francis’ values of simplicity and connection? etc.) So hopefully a little more on that this month or next. In the meantime… I leave you with this picture:

Blurry picture from our final walkthrough because little guy couldn't stop dancing with excitement. That face though!

Blurry picture from our final walkthrough because little guy couldn’t stop dancing with excitement. That face though!

Now back to cleaning and packing! May your weekend be as joyful as ours, but hopefully more restful!


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