Christmas Traditions: A follow up

One last Christmas post as I will not be blogging tomorrow or the next day as I celebrate Christmas and then the second day of Christmas with the two sides of my family. I talked earlier this month about traditions and how I’m excited to see what traditions we create as the years go on. Here’s an update on a few more we’ve got this year:

I won’t be discussing some of the more popular Christmas Traditions but I do want to mention a twist on one:

IMG_8885*Seeing the lights: I’ve always loved going to see Christmas lights and taking others (my brothers, my nephew) to see the lights and this year we to to share that love with our little one. An extra fun event we attended this year was the Wright Lights at the Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Arcadia area. It was fabulous (and offered free cookies and hot chocolate. YES PLEASE!) as well as some great live music. We also do zoo lights each year as well as general walks and drives around neighborhoods to round out our light seeing adventure.

New/Family Specific Traditions:
*Muppet Christmas Carol: We decided to go with this as our big Christmas movie not only because my husband and I love it, but also because my son loves music and there are plenty of great songs in this film. It was a total success. He immediately ran to get his Kermit the Frog puppet and was dancing, cuddling, and laughing along. I’ll admit we skipped the ghost of Christmas future just like gonzo and rizzo suggested… little guy was nervous enough from the Marley and Marley song. I think this will remain a favorite holiday movie for years to come.


From last year- but this year will be similar!

*Christmas Eve Champagne and Macaroons: I saw a joke image once that talked about leaving Santa champagne and macaroons and thought YES! That’s happening. We started this tradition last year and I’m excited to keep it going strong. It’s an indulgent, classy, beautiful way to celebrate Christmas Eve, and I imagine it will only become better and better in years to come if we ever buy gifts that have more than some assembly required…


Passing on Family Traditions:

xmas winner

One of our Christmas card top contenders… we love seeing people’s cards come in!

*Christmas Cards on the Door: What do you do with the Christmas cards you get each year? My mom always hung them on our front door so that we could see them add up as the season progressed and so that we had joyful images to look at as we come to and left the house. I love this. Tape didn’t stick very well to the door of our old house so we put them on our Christmas tree last year, but this year they have reclaimed their rightful place on our front door! I love this tradition. It was hard to keep them higher than the toddler could reach to tear them down though! Bonus tip: Once Christmas is over, take a picture of the Christmas cards and set them as that person or family’s background for when they call/text. That way you can glance them throughout the year and don’t need to worry about holding onto huge piles of Christmas cards!

*Trails of Hershey Kisses: Whenever Santa came to visit my mom’s house, he left a trail of hershey kisses from every child’s bedroom to the presents at the Christmas tree. I love this. We aren’t even sure if we’ll be having Santa visit our family in years to come or if maybe we will have the Three Kings or Old Befana or something else entirely, but we know  we’ll be doing this. Just don’t accidentally step on them once they are down because those chocolate points can be surprisingly sharp!

Did you start or discover any new traditions this year? Or have a favorite tradition that runs in your family?


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