C is for CELBRATE!

It’s May! It’s the other most wonderful time of the year for me. And I’m looking forward to a month full of celebrating. May always starts for me with celebrating a new year of life! This year that celebration seemed extra sweet with thoughtful texts from many friends and family, facebok posts that brought a smile to my face, and a perfectly delightful surprise gathering orchestrated by my husband. And a bonus of having your birthday be the first of may? I get theme songs to go along with it. (IF you want the fairly family friendly one, you can go to this video. If you want the NSFW one you can go to this video)

But I’m not the only birthday in my family this month. My mom, my bestie, my son all celebrate new years of life as well. And on top of birthdays?! Mothers day! My anniversary! And we are also planning an epic trip to New York. So I may be sporadic in posting but I am ready for all the May flowers and joy. I’m so busy celebrating that I’m leaving this blog post as one of the shortest I’ve ever written. Even if you don’t have a month filled with formal occasions like me… I hope you go outside and CELEBRATE life 🙂


We celebrated by checking out the gorgeous Farm at South Mountain! Highly recommended if you live in the Phoenix area but they close for the summer so go while you can!


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