November Goals after a Whirlwind October

Wow! How exactly is it November already? I’m so excited for some blog posts I have planned this month and to approach the holidays in a peaceful and joyful spirit.

I’m here after a very busy month to give a re-cap of my October goal progress and share some goals for November! Here’s what’s on my current PowerSheets tending list-

October Goals:

October Monthly Goals:
*Date Night: YES! We put this early in the month and had a fabulous pub night out together with some great conversation. We also enjoyed that the pub we were at was playing obscure old music videos… I can’t tell you the last time I watched a music video that didn’t have Elmo in it…
*Make Halloween Costumes: Yes! Not as planned. But YES. I had planned some slightly more elaborate costume pieces but got very sick the week before Halloween, so I had to look at what could get done while taking care of myself and you know what? It was a blast anyway. I’ll include a picture so you can take a peek at the fun but the super simple peter pan costume was a big hit with my son and I really enjoyed dressing up as the night sky for my little tinkerbell to “fly” in (Wear all the babies!!!)
* Enjoy Fall Festivals/Halloween Memories: Oh my goodness yes. Even while still exhausted we ended up doing so much celebrating and fun events. My favorite was our annual tradition of Pumpkins at the Peak, which is a fun community event that raises donations for a local foodbank, but we also did trick or treating, Trunk or Treating, and of course watched It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
*Order Baby Book Photos: 90% complete- I am caught up on organizing all the photos and was getting ready to order last night after adding a few Halloween pictures when I realized I must have done one of my uploads twice as I was spotting a ton of duplicates… so it turns out I still have 50 photos to choose before hitting the number I want to batch photos in to save on shipping. I THINK that will happen by Thanksgiving at latest but for all intents and purposes, the work I did this month set me up in a great place to move forward
*Reorganize closet & Transition clothes: yes. the closets are set which means I’m ready to tackle an even bigger challenge this next month…
*Plan for Holidays: Not finalized but LOTS of good progress here and the beginnings of our Holiday calendar are firming up.
*CELEBRATE!: SO much celebrating. Even amidst getting sick. I’m so grateful
*Attend Love & Logic/ Integrate what we learn: We attended! We have found some things that really work already and some other strategies that are going to need a lot of practice but we’ve made a great start and I LOVE having a shared vocabulary and set of strategies with my husband so we are even more on the same page now.

October Weekly Goals:
*Hike/move your body!: Y’all it was a HOT October. This only happened one week and I have moved this goal over to this month now that there’s better weather.
*Budget Check in/Family meeting: This was helpful. Learning what to include and what not to include in this meeting time and what to address day to day.
*Baking with my son: sickness took a few of these opportunities away, but tweaking this and trying it again next month!
*Time to Write: Mostly blog posts but I did get a few ideas and outlines done on other projects!
*Social Media Free Weekend: Became more of a social media free sabbath which worked really well. Still experimenting with what works best for me on this balance with social media and my phone in general.

October Daily Goals:
*Get Outside: Most days this happened aside from when I got sick. It still got hot pretty early but we really tried to get out in the mornings.
*Morning Routine: Tweaking this still and realizing that I have no desire to do my routine on weekends- maybe a simplified version is needed those days.
*Tend Garden: YES. We are getting to the end of our zucchini season and have a few ears of corn and a few butternut squash growing really well. I’m also blown away that what I thought was a devastated, possibly dying pepper plant has come back and is producing a good amount of peppers that should be ready soon.
*Model Kindness: This was such a good daily goal. It helped me not only keep my own impatience in check, it also helped me notice small acts of kindness from others.
*Drink More Water: Ups and downs on this but the importance of this goal was driven home when we all got sick. This is carrying over to next month for sure!


November Monthly Goals:
*Be PRESENT and Celebrate Thanksgiving: We do double Thanksgiving- one at my mom’s house and one at my dad’s and I am excited for both and really want to just enjoy that time with family and the kids instead of worrying about perfection or the coming holiday rush.
*Date Night (or Day!):
I have a couple fun ideas for this month, and it will be different enough to merit its own blog post… we just have to schedule it and figure out childcare to make it happen.
*Clean out Garage:
This is a big BIG task… eeek. But necessary as we prepare for the holidays and the new year. This will be a project I tackle with my husband and hopefully we’ll have some fun and find some peace as we go…
*Prepare for Advent:
Most of my goals this month are related to this big goal actually. I know it sounds a bit nebulous, but I really want to make Advent a more intentional time and a time where I can just delight in the light of our Christmas tree with my kids and pray and reflect and celebrate with loved ones. That takes a lot of planning on the front end but I know it will be worth it so we are doing budgeting and lists and calendar setting now for hopefully a big payoff next month!
*Refresh Couples Goals:
It has been too long since we revisited our Couples Guide and refreshed the goals we are working towards together as well as how we can cheer each other on with individual goals… maybe we’ll combine this with our date time…
*Finish Holiday Calendar:
My husband and I made a very short list of MUST DO items- traditions I absolutely want to happen and then I’ve made a list of WE LOVE THESE ACTIVITIES TOO and we will fit in whatever we can while being respectful of our time and budget. Then there’s a long list of really fun things that we just have to say no to this year. I’m hoping to get a good idea of how many of the we love these too activities we’ll be doing and I want to be sure and have the must do activities scheduled and planned before Thanksgiving hits.
*See a play or two:
It’s been a long year of missing a lot of shows and I’m so excited to get to see one this month and with a few other free shows and free reading opportunities I am really hoping to squeeze in one or two more if scheduling permits.
*Blog Work:
As I start thinking about what the blog will look like in 2018, I want to go back and clean up a few old posts that don’t have tags or were written in total exhaustion and think about the kind of posts you all seem to enjoy the most, the posts I seem to enjoy the most, etc.
*Enjoy and Document Holiday Traditions:
This means taking pictures but not obsessing over them. And keeping up with our family album for the year. And actively deciding what is a sustainable tradition and what is just fun icing on the holiday sugar cookie. I’m sure this will continue next month, but lots of our traditions start with Thanksgiving and the week thereafter!

November Weekly Goals:
*1 Hour on Baby Book: As I said in my October re-hash, I hope to print pictures before the end of the month, but even before then I have journaling and other work I can do on my daughter’s baby book so it’s somewhat ready to go for her first birthday which will be here all too soon.
*Hike/Move Your Body:
Repeat from last month but now with weather under 90 degrees! So let’s up I’m a little more successful this month.
*Budget Check/Family Meeting:
Worked so well last month that I’m continuing this month and hoping to make it a weekly habit we no longer have to think about, but still need the accountability in the meantime.
*Make Memories in the Kitchen:
This is the tweak to baking with my son. He’s pretty excited about some of the cooking stuff we do too so I just want to continue to explore ways to include him and let him help and to create fond memories of working together in the kitchen. Oh, and we’ll definitely be making fancy rolls for Thanksgiving again!
*Meal Prep:
We’ve made meal planning and grocery shopping a weekly habit, but we’ve found that we do our best sticking with our budget if we do a giant meal prep a weekend or two that gives us freezer meals to last the next 2-3 months. So we’re planning to prep more burritos and soups and homemade tomato sauce among whatever other economical options we brainstorm! Favorite veggie freezer meal suggestions happily taken in the comments 🙂

November Daily Goals:
*Morning Routine: Still adjusting what this looks like, but had a setback with all the illness last month and ready to get back on the wagon.
*Yoga/Daily Walk:
I need to stretch and I need to move daily. That’s all there is to it…
*Phone Down Time:
Still trying new strategies to cut the cord from my phone while still using it for good and utilizing helpful things in the technology
*READ: When I’m in the middle of a book it’s just easier not to fall to the social media scroll
*Vitamins/Drink More Water:
After getting sick last month, I’m not messing around with the hydrating and the healthier choices this month…

Are any of you doing something special or particularly practical to prepare for the holidays? I’d love to hear about it!



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